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Yuan Longping responded to "high quality" question: yield and quality are not antagonistic contradictions in the new network in Beijing in November 2 – Xinhua news agency Xinhua: yield and quality are not antagonistic contradictions — Yuan Longping responded "high quality" questioned the Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Cong, Yu Xiaojie "hybrid rice while achieving high yield and high quality, is very difficult. But the contradiction between yield and quality are not antagonistic." For some people on hybrid rice, high yield and low quality of the question, the father of hybrid rice Yuan Longping positive response. The 86 year old scientist in fine fig, held in Beijing in the 2016 world life science conference, easily answer Xinhua News Agency reporters "hot ask". Plaid shirt, thin sweater coat a new suit, Yuan Longping dressed less than his young reporter interview. He doesn’t like the dryness of the north, which makes the southern man’s skin itch, but he doesn’t seem to be afraid of the cold. Fish and bear’s paw "some people have one-sided views of hybrid rice, hybrid rice yield is not that good, eat not sweet." Yuan Longping said, the last century the main task is to solve the problem of food and clothing of the people, so the yield of hybrid rice placed in priority, and a full stomach. In his opinion, although difficult, but we can have both fish and bear’s paw. "Now the standard of living improves, people do not eat satisfied, but also to eat. We also change the strategy, both high yield and high quality. Has bred a new hybrid rice varieties’ super excellent number ‘, the quality can be comparable with the market of 80 yuan a pound of Japanese rice. Japanese businessmen specialized sampling test, said the flexibility of chewing head, taste good." He said. But Yuan Longping insisted: do not sacrifice to yield quality. He pointed out that some high quality rice prices are very high, people can not afford to eat. From China’s national conditions, less arable land, the only way to firmly grasp the food security in their own hands is to improve the yield per unit area. "The world’s population will reach 8 billion, but the arable land is decreasing. It is a serious challenge to feed the world’s population. The most economical and effective way is to use the high yield varieties." Yuan Longping said. To the "sea" to "love food challenges can not" Yuan Longping old age is still very busy. In recent years, in addition to his fifth super rice research, but also explore the cultivation of rice fields. Not long ago, the establishment of Qingdao sea rice research and development center, Yuan Longping served as chief scientist. The sea was originally found in the wild rice River Estuary, with no fertilization, pest resistance, salt tolerance of three characteristics. But the output is low, farmers’ enthusiasm is not high. "The current technology first and foremost is to improve salt tolerance and improve yield. We expect a few years after the salt concentration of seawater rice increased from about 0.6% to 1%, increased to 300 kg per mu. There are two methods, one is through the traditional breeding methods, one is the use of molecular technology, salt resistance gene transfer to sea water rice. The second effect is better, but more difficult." Yuan Longping said. In spite of the difficulties, Yuan Longping is full of confidence. If this is achieved, the coastal saline alkali soil and tidal flat will not be used. "Output.相关的主题文章: