Zhengzhou heating a week ahead of trial operation is expected to reach 62 million square meters-高达08ms小队

Zhengzhou heating a week ahead of trial operation is expected to reach 62 million square meters of heating. The morning of November 8th, Zheng Dong new thermal power plant and power plant taixiang two heat sources to start heating pump heating and other heat sources will gradually start, Zhengzhou city heating network began to less than 5 degrees Celsius per hour speed is gradually warming up, and the thermal management of Zhengzhou city user exchange station synchronous start trial operation. Oriental Daily News reporter, chief reporter Liang Xinhui in charge of the mammoth network began to rise on the morning of 8 10:00, the unified dispatching in Zhengzhou Thermal Corporation under the new Zheng Dong thermal power plant and power plant taixiang two heat sources, heat pump heating start, the water temperature in the pipeline began to rise. At the same time, the total thermal management company, located in each area within the user exchange station also start trial operation. That heating pipe net began to heat up the news, many people exclaimed: heating in advance! "Can not be said to be ahead of heating, can only be said to be trial run." Zhengzhou Thermal Power Corporation official explained that the trial operation refers to the formal heating, heating facilities and equipment in accordance with the capacity of gradually step heating through the heating network, heat exchange station, yard network and user heating facilities, will be sent to the indoor heat, preheating heating pipe network and equipment. By then, the user’s home heating will continue to heat up. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the Zheng Dong new district heating power plant and power plant to start taixiang, other heat sources will also be started. Zhengzhou city heating network will begin an hour less than 5 degrees Celsius speed is gradually warming up, thermal corporation management user exchange station will also be synchronized to start trial operation. The week ahead is very formal heating heating date is November 15th, the heating network and heating equipment is a week early warming, what are the benefits? Heating up in advance is to check and adjust the heating system to ensure that the formal heating of the day the user room temperature to normal." Zhengzhou thermal power company official said. In this process, further exposes the problems and defects of the heating facilities of its own existence, can be timely to eliminate defects, to solve the problem in the heating, heating heating system to ensure that the official after the safe and stable operation. In particular, the leakage of some of the old pipe network, a more thorough treatment, providing a safe and effective guarantee for the formal heating. After the heating of the network, why not more than 5 degrees Celsius per hour temperature gradually warming rather than a significant warming? The official explained that the heating pipes buried in the underground pipeline is cool, if the heating rate is too fast, the pipeline can not afford suddenly to pressure, prone to leaking and tube explosion. It is reported that in the past two years, Zhengzhou thermal power company has adopted the practice of warming up earlier, more effective, but also by the general public. The self management of the heat exchange station to promptly start the net charge in advance heating, heat transfer station district also started trial operation, that means residents home will heat radiator? Most of the heat source heating pipelines are from suburban, want to have to go through a process temperature." Total thermal power of Zhengzhou city.相关的主题文章: