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More than 90 year old Red Army, laobalu Chongyang words long march together (Photos) – Anhui Channel – original title: more than 90 year old Red Army, laobalu Chongyang words long march together carry forward the long march spirit inheritance of red gene — the central theater of the air force command held above 90 years old collective cadres after the Double Ninth Festival "activities sidelights the soldiers and cadres to celebrate the festival, relive the long story. Photo by Li Ming autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance. In October 9th, the central theater of the air force command center and sports activities in a warm atmosphere, applause, 9 more than 90 year old Red Army and the Eighth Route and more than 100 soldiers for the Double Ninth Festival and communicate the spirit of the long march. At 9:30 in the morning, welcome song with a bright, wearing medals of the old cadres in the staff’s arm slowly into the center of activity, early to wait for the officers and soldiers quickly walked over and handed flowers, send holiday greetings. This year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, to carry forward the spirit of the Long March, the red gene inheritance, stimulate the reform impetus, the headquarters held a special "90 years old cadres collective Double Ninth Festival" activities, invited the old cadres and soldiers together with stories about the Long March, then long sentiment, guide the majority of young soldiers inherited long tradition, strengthen fighting spirit, join in the reform of the military practice. It is understood that these old cadres are ride on the battlefield, fought the Red Army, the old road, both in the Central Soviet Red Army fourth times, fifth times, the Central Red Army and other anti encirclement battle red pilot Fang Huai, but also in the long march spirit, join the revolution hundred regiments of many battles fighting heroes Liu Shanghua and so on. A name has been for having heard it many times, the officers and men of the hearts of the idol". "The spirit of the long march has guided me forward." On behalf of the veteran cadres attended the speech link, Li Xiangmin opened Chengdu to Tibet Taizhao air routes with deep feeling about themselves in the process of opening up the route, often in the face of a two hundred km altitude wind, like a raging tide surging as malignant vertical airflow, and minus three, forty degrees of frost hail. But the thought of Red Road, the Red Army has experienced this risk, and what. Although Li Lao is no longer clear articulation, advanced in age, but the profound understanding of the spirit of the long march is still his sonorous, he will be loyal to the party, hope to young men, all into a deep talk, winning applause soldiers. "The long march is an endless story. It is not only a history, but a spirit." Have ever climbed snow grasslands of the old Red Army Party Huai also specially for the officers and men to buy a "Long March" red books, and although no longer flexible, but the old man still waved his trembling hands deep in the book to have the direction of the party has been forward, this is our long march; with the goal of strengthening the military to go this is your long march. This is the old Red Army Command, this is the history of the trust. The soldiers to read a message between the lines filled with old timers hope the real feelings, they are encouraged by. Veteran Yuan Jingchi this year has been 98 years old, retired, always chest)相关的主题文章: