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Chongqing will add 40 cross-border business O2O experience store – Chongqing windows — October 9th, Chongqing local electricity company exception technology announced that the United Nations drug business in the county in the city of new 40 imported commodity exhibition center and cross-border shopping O2O community store experience, let the general public experience in cross-border shopping at home will be able to. "Chinese medicine business focus on cross-border shopping business, with the exception of the cooperation of science and technology, with the exception of online retail and technology to the line terminal channels to expand capacity with the market reach" extends to Chongqing, break up the whole into parts "of each community and county towns, with" civilian consumption "as the theme, so that ordinary people can afford to consume the whole category of imports commodity." The Chinese medicine electricity supplier responsible person, store experience in the O2O community, consumers can not only in the store to buy cheap imported mask, diapers and other products, also can experience a few online cross-border products, in order to achieve a better consumer experience. It is understood that, at present, the two sides have been put into operation in the first store opened in Bishan, mainly engaged in imports of baby products, imported food, imported goods, imported a wine, imported cosmetics and health products import. Before the end of 2017, will be completed in the city’s districts and counties of the layout. Next, the two sides will also link to start cross-border shopping experience, sales, logistics and distribution services, "the creation incubation program based on working capital, including supply chain, operation mode, business management and other" nanny "system support for entrepreneurs to open up cross-border shopping channel, people meet consumer demand. (reporter Yang Yi)相关的主题文章: