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Foreign media: the United States and Russia conflict increased risk   combat cited concerns – Guizhou channel hot – original title: foreign media: the United States and Russia conflict increased risk of all-out confrontation led war concerns The Associated Press reported in October 3rd, October 3rd, with Washington and Moscow will suspend the end of the war in Syria to the failure of the diplomatic contact, and Russian President Putin suspended the United States and a related weapons grade plutonium agreement, a serious deterioration in relations between the United States and Russia have been very nervous. On the face of it, these two things have nothing to do with it. But they all highlight the deep mistrust and growing tension between the former Cold War enemies. Russia’s view newspaper website reported on October 4th, the United States will be the realization of the previous threat, suspended contact with Russia on the issue of Syria. Earlier, Russia and the United States on handling tore up the weapons grade plutonium agreement, because it to Washington conditions is almost impossible to perform the. Under this background, the global outbreak of nuclear war could talk again rampant. In recent months, the debate in Russia and the United States, nuclear weapons will be mentioned from time to time. For example, a strongly worded statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry recently said the U.S. strategic nuclear war is tantamount to sway in the edge. Russia refers to the US against the inf treaty, the deployment of anti missile system in Romania, "three-in-one" nuclear update all of the key components. There is no doubt that all of the people of moscow. In September 29th, the Moscow emergency administration published a shocking statement: due to the implementation of the new regulations of civil defense of the capital, all basement inventory registration, in order to re plan the city residents of the bunker. In October 3rd, news came to: first, the emergency situations ministry will launch a nationwide civil defense exercise, covering more than 40 million; second, Russia suspended between the United States and the handling of weapons grade plutonium agreement. All of the above events make people nervous, into trouble: is it really going to happen to usher in the end of the global nuclear status? If the Russian direct military conflict broke out, which is inevitable. Whether in the computer virtual world or in the real world, Russia is ready to meet the worst situation. Large scale, continuous military exercises become the norm, even so, the strategic rocket soldiers exercise is also unusual. Today, ordinary people have also been involved in preparations for the refuge and accept civil defense training, we try to open, let the world know this, intended to send two messages to the other side of the ocean partnership ". We are ready, and you? Second: if you don’t have to have adventure, luck, we will die together. Hope all of this has been enough to make it through the American elite in the survival of the decision, make a clear judgment, should show restraint. (TU min, Chen Kangqing: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: