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The storm brought significant impact in our province more rainfall record breaking seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" in 29 days 8 when to stop reporting catfish, although not landing in Zhejiang, but the rain affected obviously, especially in southern Zhejiang Wenzhou, Lishui area, the cumulative rainfall, even more local break the greatest historical record. As of 29 May 16, strong wind and rain caused by Typhoon "catfish", let me Wencheng (551 mm), Taishun (361 mm), and (280 mm), Jingning (277 mm) of four rainfall stations of local history the biggest record breaking; Wencheng County weather station 28 day rainfall is 389 mm. Breaking the local history and the maximum daily rainfall record (292 mm), the maximum 3 hour rainfall of 144 mm, over a hundred years; 28, the Taishun daily rainfall of 268 mm, Jingning 220 mm, and 206 mm, Ling’an 190 mm, Suichang 111 mm, have broken the local maximum daily rainfall records of typhoon. From the point of view of the effect of wind, typhoon "catfish" caused by the southern and coastal areas of southern Zhejiang long time 8 to 11 winds. Not only is the cumulative rainfall, strong rainfall typhoon "catfish" brought about by the high degree of concentration, increase the danger of the rainfall area. According to provincial meteorological monitoring, although the "catfish" and "miranti" storm range to be smaller, but the heavy rainfall in Wenzhou, Lishui region is more concentrated, the rainfall intensity is stronger, for example, the "12 hour rainfall caused by the largest catfish" (Zhu Ya Wencheng community 24 hours maximum rainfall of 429 mm) is equivalent to "Mo done by" (440 mm). 30 began, the province’s heavy rainfall gradually reduced. According to the provincial meteorological station forecast, 30, Northwestern Zhejiang Province overcast with showers, some moderate rain in other regions; sometimes overcast with showers. The upcoming National Day golden week, our province alternated with rain, the temperature is suitable for the. Among them, 1 to 2 days afternoon part of Western Zhejiang Province’s cloudy, overcast with showers or thunderstorms; 3 days ago by the influence of the upper trough, in some areas of our province have showers; 4 to 6 of the province to cloudy weather; 7 by the easterly flow, coastal areas overcast with showers. During the holiday, the province’s minimum temperature in the morning is generally 20 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is generally between 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees celsius. Remind the provincial meteorological department, during the National Day golden week, although rain is not, but because of the early rainfall in particular, landslides, mudslides and other disasters and has a certain lag, please all to continue to strengthen the prevention; ready to go out to travel friend, timely attention to the latest weather forecast of Meteorological Department of tourism destination rolling release, reasonable arrangement travel plans. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, the eighteenth typhoon this year, "Siam hop" (tropical storm level) 29 days 17 when the center is located in China’s Taiwan province Taipei City, south of east direction about 2390 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, wind near the center 9, the minimum pressure of 99 thousand kPa, seven wind circle radius of 200 km to 250 kilometers. Expected, "Siam hop" will be the speed of 20 kilometers per hour to the west to move northwest, the intensity gradually increased, and close to the China Eastern Taiwan sea, the strongest typhoon intensity level up (grade 14 to 15.相关的主题文章: