Subsidies for new energy vehicles retain or cancellation-音羽かなで

Subsidies for new energy vehicles: retain OR cancellation? In September 8th, the Ministry of Finance announced the list of five serious cheat up car companies, 5 companies involved a total number of reporting grants the central government funds more than 1 billion yuan, which has been declared a false declaration or unfinished vehicles amounted to more than 3500 vehicles. Subsequently, a more detailed list of fraud spread in the automotive industry. It is reported that the investigation of 93 car companies in addition to the 21 statistical data is zero, and the remaining 72 are suspected of different amounts and amount of fraud behavior. Involving a total of 76 thousand and 300 vehicles, involving the amount of $9 billion 270 million fraud. In the list has not yet been criticized, and even 12 car without electricity, car prices. Che Jun Wang can not help but sigh – so many companies "cheat fill" who is wrong? Tracing the source, the starting point of countries subsidy is kindness, but only blame local enterprises "is too cunning, loopholes. Subsidies for new energy vehicles in the end or completely cancel it? Positive view: subsidies must have a new energy automotive industry is in support of the embryonic stage, in the absence of private capital and resources, the timely introduction of the country’s substantial subsidies to encourage enterprises really need! We saw under the support of the state, there are more and more enterprises or in the "business", actively independent positive development, and make new energy vehicles get good achievement in the popularity of folk. Figures show that this year, 1~8 months, China’s new energy passenger car overall sales of 180 thousand, an increase of 136%, the growth rate of healthy and reasonable. Pure electric vehicle sales 122 thousand, an increase of 188%; plug-in hybrid sales of 57 thousand, an increase of 70%. Under the support of national policy, the new energy vehicles are healthy development, and into the fast lane. But can not be ignored is that relative to the technical strength of foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises and vehicle manufacturing process, quality management is still insufficient, continued subsidies to help enterprises improve their Chinese car, turn overtaking is the key. Now China new energy automotive industry momentum normalizing, because if the expenses scandal, and the cancellation of subsidies to enterprises are not rational, will blow enthusiasm of enterprises, our country’s new energy vehicle development funds into trouble. Therefore, reflection and proposal is particularly important. In addition to the 5 companies were exposed, a more detailed list of expenses of "new energy automobile manufacturing enterprises in China and illegal cheat up to fill the summary" also spread in the industry, the size of hundreds of domestic automobile companies are on the list. The company’s cheating behavior, from another side of the game because the rules are not strict, is affecting the healthy development of the new energy automotive industry. Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Automobile Industry Association Xu Yanhua said that the cheat up enterprises to use loopholes in the policy, the low cost manufacturing low-end electric cars, even serious "unlicensed car", a large amount of subsidy fraud obtained is profit. It is lack of monitoring policy, to some short-sighted enterprises an opportunity to become "cheat fill out family". This situation will not be condoned. As a typical suspected malicious cheat up and plot the most serious Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd., not only by the Ministry of finance to cancel the qualification of central financial subsidies, but also by the Ministry canceled vehicle production qualification, is regarded as the "chicken;相关的主题文章: