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American Zou Shiming won the Tyson Jordan behind, beat rivals than Mayweather – Sports Sohu Beijing time on November 20th, a game of the year of the most gold and suspense will be staged in the United States of Las Vegas, because the two sides are against the top master in boxing, a light heavyweight champion Kovalev, another is known American "Zou Shiming", "Queen Mayweather", the "son of God" boxing king Andre · Ward. Based on the strength of both sides are very strong, so it is difficult for the outside world to give a clear prediction of the decisive battle. Compared with Kovalev, Ward’s influence is much bigger, and he is the only American century took the Olympic boxing gold medal of male athletes, and since Mayweather retired, Ward was the only American occupation boxing experienced the strongest first test multiple competition. The 32 year old Ward is the only one to sign Jordan active boxer, and Muhammad Tyson was willing to praise Ward praised as "a humble man, a powerful champion". These dimensions will certainly help push Ward to a higher level. This weekend, Ward will attack the three world light heavyweight gold belt, compared with the defending champion Kovalev, in addition to the heavy strength than the opponent, Ward in most other aspects are slightly better than rivals, not to mention Kovalev although boxing heavy hand black, but its slender chin is not very strong, once two times down by unknown the opponent. Although he subsequently reversed the victory, but many people feel that his defense and fight is not very reassuring. Before the game, the game from abroad, the odds of view, Ward has some advantages, but the gap is not large, if Ward beat Kovalev, he will become the two levels of the world champion, and the two level is the strongest one undisputed a brother, and this achievement ranks among senior Mayweather. Due to the presence of Ward, was the Kazakhstan blitz champion golovkin refused to upgrade the fight, because he and the team to clear, once the game, their odds are not great. As for this weekend’s light heavyweight showdown, let’s wait and see. Boxing boxing is committed to fighting space-time dynamic hot event mining, sharing the unique perspective of Heavy Athletics Sports, the most wonderful fight on. Please pay attention to boxing space-time public number aiquanji.相关的主题文章: