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Rameau Cup: Zhaojue Yi "new cultural world cup" Sports — people.com.cn Zhaojue "Rameau" football team of Zhaojue middle school, high school, national youth entrepreneurship training center, Zhaojue square…… Every evening, located in Sichuan Province, southwest of Zhaojue City, where there are children playing Yi figure. Here is located in hinterland of the size of Liangshan, the total population of 308 thousand, the population accounted for 98.1%, is the country’s largest Yi county. Zhaojue people love football, local people said that this is "Rameau Cup" the fruits of. More than A earlier in the football league from the beginning of last century, Zhaojue County football has developed. The period of the Republic of China, consisting of Zhaojue Yi small teams have national government and the team compete in the county of Xiaohaizi dam, this is by far the Yi history of the earliest and largest football tournament. After that, the football in Zhaojue folk gradually grow. In the 70s of last century, the Zhaojue soccer fever was first spread between schools and between institutions. In 1983, the county team, the County Public Security Bureau, Zhaojue middle school, county cultural center and other units of the youth football enthusiasts and college graduates to be allocated jointly, Zhaojue county was the first football league ", but still belong to the folk nature. Two years later, the event was officially named "Rameau cup". "Rameau" is the spirit of the Yi Yi totem, meaning "Horde", a brave, tenacious endurance, italy. Since then, as a bumpy, muddy football everywhere, it will be 13 teams, more than 300 young people gathered together. When watching their children wrapped in a mud, with a badly mutilated wound home, parents heartache. But when they quietly followed the child into the stadium to watch, will be rolled in the mud, the young man’s indomitable spirit touched. From the heart to understand, from understanding to support, "Rameau" events, "Rameau" spirit with mass base. In his cup history, appeared in Liangshan normal school, the National County propaganda department, County Youth League organizers etc.. After the host County unified Cultural Television News Publishing Bureau of sports and tourism, and continues today. In 1986, the "Rameau Cup" by the county government official. After a lapse of 9 years, the national A League was officially kicked off. Each session of the "Rameau Cup", teams in addition to a number of teams in Zhaojue local formation, and in the state, Meigu, Puge in 17 cities including Xichang football fans team, Beijing, Chongqing and Chengdu, the football fans had also come to participate. Due to the "Rameau Cup" and not the players on the age of the explicit request, so often can see on the pitch to play white hair chuitiao. The social support for the continuation of events "Rameau Cup" was founded 30 years, in Liangshan, Sichuan province has left a legend, the whole society has also given strong support. From the first "Rameau Cup" held so far, almost all state-owned enterprises in the county of Woolen Mills, Mobile Corporation, credit unions have provided support to the team. County Committee, County Tourism Bureau, and other units)相关的主题文章: