La Liga – Barcelona 1-0 Rakiti scored two game winning streak to Miss Su God-瀬名アスカ

La Liga – Basa 1-0 Rakiti scored two game winning streak to Miss Su God Rakiti broke the Tencent sports news August 29th morning, La Liga in the second round, Basa (official data) 1-0 away victory over Bilbao, two straight league start, the new season 4 wins in all competitions. Turan Rakitic assists to break, Suarez missed scoring opportunities. Barcelona cross season in all competitions won 9 straight, nearly 10 league games at Bilbao only 1 negative. The last round of the starting 11 only goalkeeper Enrique to make adjustments, teershite comeback, Messi Suarez led the attack, the new aid Silayson and Iniesta Mathieu’s absence (data). Messi played in the 350th Liga games, 535th games played in the tournament, equalling Valdez tied for fifth in team history, Susaita 400th race battle, Bilbao team history fifth. Fifth minutes, Messi cross, Suarez Wang left out, Turan push Kongmen, but offside goal. Twelfth minutes, teershite misspass, Beni Yate steals line area volley hit teershite facial pop. The scene began to rain, twenty-first minutes, Suarez ball, any big left corner of the box pass, Rakitic after header header, Barcelona 1-0. Rakiti La Liga career thirty-seventh goals, fourth headed home, before the Croatia midfielder scored 12 wins out of 10 games, Barcelona 2 unbeaten. Thirty-seventh minutes, midfielder Umm Titi over the top long pass, Messi header shoots, yilaisuosi flying saved, then the referee Hoss Denis Suarez pulled false defensive foul, Suarez and Busquets to protest rival diving, were booked. Forty-first minutes, Benitez ‘shots from outside the area by the keeper. After 3 minutes, Messi road to the top of the arc on the ground before the break the ball, Turan restricted left side unguarded push shot near the corner hit the side net. Fifty-fourth minutes, Suarez ball, Messi ball cross trip dial foot volley after slightly. After 2 minutes, Rakiti right pass, Suarez volley slightly away. Sixty-fifth minutes, Williams – Yi Niya base lines within the closed area by the keeper tongshe. 4 minutes later, Turan instep pick, Suarez in the restricted area to knock, Messi to get rid of the 1 after the shot hit high. Eighty-first minutes, Suarez right into the restricted area after running out of two people shot. Eighty-fifth minutes, Beni Yate kick pocket shot, the ball hit the side net. Ninety-third minutes, Messi back to attract goalkeeper and defender after the horizontal knock on the head of the ball, Suarez shot by guard on the door line of the shovel out of the back of the on the other side of the game, and then, in the back of the game, the team will be able to play. Barcelona away victory against Bilbao, the League 6 game winning streak, from the record in team history just 2 matches. Barcelona across the season 10 winning streak, away from the Enrique era of the best winning streak of only 1 Games in the field of only 11. Enrique coach Barcelona after winning the game to reach 100 games, only with the war of 126, more than the field of the game and Guardiola’s 139 game, the first in the history of Spain, the first time in the history of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. Statistics Bilbao lineup (4-2-3-1): Iraizoz; de Marcos, rappolt, boweta, Baron Zia Yitulasipei (62’; Mikel Benya Te; bass plus), Yi Niya base – Wei)相关的主题文章: