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Have the baby sleep training, really sleep better? Sohu black and white eye on your mother’s face is getting heavier and heavier, from the birth of the child so far, has been good for some time, every night with the baby’s sleep, so it is not good, that is not right. There is a saying that the baby crying do not immediately hold; the other said that the baby crying is the need to appease, it was said that the baby will be able to sleep the whole night, but why our family is not? In the end how to do it? The baby who has been crying in the middle of the night, it’s a lot of trouble for mom, let’s take a look at the recent journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and think about whether or not to train your child to sleep at night. Let the baby sleep training, he slept well, parents pressure is relatively small? In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, some mothers who had trouble sleeping at night had new ideas. The purpose of the study is on the poor quality of sleep and sleep with the baby, after training, whether it is better to sleep, therefore, they found 43 families, they have in common is the home has one in between 6 to 16 months, poor sleep baby. The team divided them into three groups in different ways to sleep and spend the night sleeping time. The study was conducted over a period of one year, during which mothers and babies were monitored for stress status and behavior. The first group: the test group delay time to appease parents in the baby to sleep, to quiet in a minute he put into the room, if the baby is crying, parents will give him a pat or some comfort, but will not put him up or lights. During sleep at night, if the baby crying, parents will continue to extend back to comfort him, the first time may be two minutes, the second extended to six minutes. The second group: every day a little late this group of parents let the baby to sleep, every day than the day before 15 minutes later, the baby can go to bed until his fast asleep, by this way the purpose is to let the baby tired, does not need too much skill to let him go to bed and sleep. The third group: there is no way a baby to sleep any changes in this group did not have any change, the parents have sleep problems in the baby, the research team can consult, but they don’t need to try any special way let baby better sleep, so it can be with the first group and the second group of the baby’s control. Results: the delay time of the first group of comfort, the baby has the greatest progress in sleep and sleep quality, compared to the third groups without any test, they quickly fall asleep again on 13 minutes, but also to get up and down half the frequency of night. The other second groups of children who were late to sleep, although they were 10 minutes faster than the rest of the group, had the same frequency of waking up at night. As for the pressure state of mothers, third groups of mothers without what change, there is no special pressure change, the second group delayed baby sleep time mom, pressure decrease between the first group pressure is between mother. Part of the baby’s pressure, seemingly the most hard to the first group of children, in fact, sleep.相关的主题文章: