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The layout for the Tokyo Olympic Games? The team played in the China Guoping sent two young Phoenix sports news Chinese open the upcoming September 14-18 days held in Chengdu. The list of Chinese table tennis women’s team made a small adjustment, 19 year old Chen Xingtong and 17 year old Wang Manyu will replace Muzi and Hu Limei played. The Rio Olympic Games after the end of each team entered the London Olympic cycle, the two youngsters are the age of the leader, is expected to become the next cycle of the main. Chen Xingtong Chen Xing, in 2007 entered the Liaoning provincial team, 2013 officially became the two country pingpong team, Wang Nan, Guo Yue, Chen Xing also has been regarded as the successor of the Liaoning women’s table tennis. 2014 World Youth harvest women’s groups, mixed doubles and women’s doubles gold medal in three, last year’s Asian Cup less achievement award three consecutive singles. In last year’s national championships, Chen Xingtong beat Li Xiaoxia, Wu Yang and other star, eventually losing to Zhu Yuling, won the women’s singles silver medal.   Wang Manyu Wang Manyu, born in 1999 in Qigihar City, Heilongjiang Province, 2008 selected team of Heilongjiang Province, in 2013 entered the National Youth team. In November 5, 2014, on behalf of the Heilongjiang provincial women’s table tennis team won the National Table Tennis Championships women’s team title, which is following the Heilongjiang province in 1986 after winning the Jiao Zhimin era again after a lapse of 28 years to win her record in the world championship for women’s singles title. Although the international competition success, Wang Manyu had one or two teams in the lifting Cup defeat, and finally in this year’s tournament lifting successful promotion team. Wang Manyu is currently the head coach for the Yan Sen. After each session of the Olympic Games, the national team will be promoted to the new wave, for the next Olympic Games to prepare for the October World Cup, Nvping, the Japanese team suspended Ai Fukuhara and Ishikawa Kasumi, sent two young Itou Micheng and Hirano Miu in. This time, with Chen Xingtong and Wang Manyu Guoping replaced Muzi and Hu Limei played, not ugly to ping in the layout for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.相关的主题文章: