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Real Madrid and Adidas contract deadlock in Nike and Adidas to take advantage of a weak point Real Madrid deadlock to renew Nike leveraging the Milky Way astronomical sponsorship battleship "I traveled around the Nike store, found all the Barcelona Jersey, but can not buy a shirt?!" This piece may be because of history, according to Spanish media "OKDiario" news, Nike plans to single season price of 120 million euros sponsorship to replace Adidas as Real Madrid’s new shirt sponsor. In negotiations with Adidas stalled, wearing Adidas shirt for nearly 20 years is not the Milky Way warships of Nike may turn. At the beginning of this year, Spain "Marca" has revealed that Real Madrid’s main sponsor Adidas and the company is preparing to sign a team for a period of 10 years, the total value of 1 billion pounds of huge sponsorship contract. If Real Madrid will finally be able to make the trip, more than Manchester United to become the world’s highest income in Jersey sponsorship club, "Marca" is played "the world’s most expensive shirt" title. However, a spokesman for Adidas and then open to the media to clarify, both sides of the negotiations have not yet reached, "unfortunately, currently on the Real Madrid’s new contract message is purely speculation, we do not present in any official statement." And now with the Real Madrid team history having eleventh Champions League trophy, it also adds to the big opening confidence to the president florentino. In negotiating contract talks with ADI, Lafayette and even ask for as much as 200 million euros of the sponsorship fee each year, of which 150 million euros is fixed the sponsorship fee, as well as 50 million euros reward space. In this regard, Lafayette insisted that if the attitude is very firm, Adidas does not accept this price, Real Madrid will replace the Jersey sponsor. It is reported that Real Madrid and Adidas was signed in 2012 last year, when the two sides to renew until 2020, while the two sides had intended to extend the contract until the end of last season until the end of 2026, but eventually fell into a deadlock in negotiations. The laobiye firmly justified, it is self-evident on the one hand Real Madrid’s global reach, in Forbes global club value list had four consecutive years ranked top will suffice. He has always believed that the Real Madrid Jersey is the highest value in the Football Jersey, the club brand influence, Jersey sales hot. Although the Champions League is the only real harvest season, but in gold has more than La Liga champions barcelona. On the other hand, let the old Buddha is jealous, Barcelona just this year and Nike sign about 10 years, the annual sponsorship fees reached a record 105 million euros, and followed a few seasons floating reward will also reach a maximum of 155 million euros, the sponsorship contract for the people of Catalonia overtook the United to become the world’s first. "Barcelona are ahead of Real Madrid, both in terms of competition and economy." Barcelona vice president Arroyo’s remarks may stimulate to florentino. Apart from the competitive level, in economic terms, presumably laobiye will not be lost to barcelona. Moreover, compared to Adidas sponsored Manchester United and Bayern相关的主题文章: