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One hundred thousand production capacity of the car without a license for the youth billion project into a zombie – Sohu car recently, Ji’nan City Commission by letter informed the 19 zombie companies lost $71 million last year. Of particular concern is that the Ji’nan youth Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Ji’nan youth car) impressively in the column. This is a production of high-end Lotus brand car project. At that time, Ji’nan youth automotive design capacity of 120 thousand years, the maximum capacity of up to 150 thousand years, is expected in 2015 sales revenue will be more than one billion yuan. Who can think of, now this billion output value of large projects was reduced to a "zombie" enterprise. At present, the country is cleaning up great in strength and impetus of zombie companies, the local government in Ji’nan will also be included in the list of young car "zombie" and to start the asset disposal program. Billions of zombies at present, Ji’nan youth car factory erected a lotus logo, has been somewhat blurred. The company closed the door, only a deserted a deserted house, the staff confirmed to reporters, this once, the constant flow of traffic People are hurrying to and fro. private automobile company cut for a long time". The so-called zombie companies, refers to those who have no hope back to life, but because lenders or get government support from collapse liability enterprises, has a waste of social resources, damage the rights and interests of workers, the formation of financial risk. Specifically there are three main types: enterprises are still operating, but the efficiency is low, profit is not enough to pay interest on corporate credit, the main sign is the continued loss, high rate of assets and liabilities; enterprises have ceased operations above the first half of the year, the main signs are not turned over more than half of value-added tax; enterprise production and management activities of the basic at a standstill, the main signs are companies to suspend the electricity capacity. An official of the Ji’nan high tech Zone intelligent equipment industry development center said, after investigation, the Ji’nan youth car has been discontinued for more than a year, and no willingness to invest, no car production qualification, many assets were seized, the short term is difficult to resume production may have. It turned out that the young car group does not have a car license plate, with the help of Guizhou Airlines Group is the most important part of its development of the market. In July 2004, young car recombinant Guihang lark, and with the help of the car production qualification, the successful promotion for car manufacturers. Then, Guihang group and youth group two car break, so that the latter part company each going his own way lost crucial birth license. The official said, Ji’nan high tech Development Zone has repeatedly communicate with the youth Automotive Group, hoping to introduce its new energy vehicles, battery production, but the group did not invest in new projects, the willingness to continue investment. At present, many of the assets of Ji’nan youth car is in the state of being sealed, after the maturity of the bank loan has been overdue phenomenon. In accordance with the standards, Ji’nan youth car has been a zombie enterprise list. Once upon a time, the first car project was introduced in Ji’nan. According to public information, Ji’nan youth Automobile Co. Ltd was established in July 29, 2005, the legal representative of Pang youth, the registered capital of 65 million 835 thousand yuan, of which Jinhua young lotus Holding Co., the company invested 59 million 251 thousand and 500 yuan)相关的主题文章: