[] you think it taste peanut drunkard It’s time to show me! – Sohu to eat and drink-candy candy

[] you think it taste peanut drunkard? It’s time to show me! Sohu and leaves before their peeled peanut drunkard, because the water to remove skin, then need to freeze a day, many of my friends have said too much trouble, a friend said because the water will also fryer, not fried crisp, then leaves today recommended this method will do a simple solution, but also so, a few minutes to fix, if the temporary home to the guests, do wine, cannot do without it. Do I use peanut molting today, buy in Metro, it is very convenient, also do not have what technical content, is to do, need a little skill, let’s see… []… Raw materials: Ingredients: 500 grams of peanuts [] molting seasoning: salt, peanut oil, the amount of 10, dry chili pepper, chili powder, a small amount of pepper powder production steps: raw materialsready chili shred. The pot to add the right amount of peanut oil, peanut fried, pay attention to the use of peanut oil to the best fried peanuts, but also can not put oil in the peanut oil out of a part of the cold pot cold oil into the peanut. To open a small fire, constantly stir fry, fry until golden fish oil. The pot hot oil, add dried pepper and dried pepper, a small fire slowly stir fry. Add peanuts and stir fry. Add chili powder, pepper powder, salt, stir fry tasty. Finished drawing. Tips: chili, pepper and chili powder, pepper powder is not the same, in part to taste delicious, it should be placed. The leaves of the kitchen, senior nutrition lecturer, two nutritionists, CCTV, Beijing TV, Hebei TV and other stalls delicacy show guests millions of fans full-time delicacy contributors, all articles are original, welcome forwarding. If there is no molting peanuts, the public number (yezidexiaochu) features snacks menu has a slightly more complex version of the practice. There are many other dishes in the public number.   相关的主题文章: