Demand for gold to rise again, gold bulls pushed prices back above 1230-cad2012序列号和密钥

Gold futures were pushed back to the top of the market by FX168. Thursday (February 18th), the gold market had a slight drop, but with the decline in the U.S. stock market, rebounded sharply more than 2%, rose to $1230 ounce level, 1230. On Thursday, the gold price was tested at $1200 an ounce, but the U.S. stock market fell back in the day, pushing the price higher, reaching a high of $1240 an ounce, rising for second consecutive trading days. The U.S. stock market ended the three consecutive trading days of decline, by the WAL-MART stock market fell, the impact on retail stocks fell. RJO Futures, senior market strategist at Bob Haberkorn, said: "the stock market is down and the price of gold is rising." Haberkorn said: "the stock re down, and crude oil prices fell again, the price of gold is strong, the gold market sentiment is very much more."." Silver prices also picked up in the day, or nearly 1.5%. U.S.Bank Wealth management senior investment strategist Rob Haworth said: "the turning point in the day is the stock decline, the gold rally is not small."." Haworth also said: "at present, under the negative interest rates in Japan, Sweden and Denmark, gold is the essence of hedging assets." The US economic data released in the day also boosted gold. The number of jobless claims in the United States dropped unexpectedly last week, the lowest level since November last year. The announcement suggests that employment prospects remain strong in the United states. Data released by the US Department of labor (DOL) showed that the number of jobless claims dropped by 7 thousand to 262 thousand in February 13th, the lowest level since November 21st, with an expected value of 275 thousand, the previous value of 269 thousand. But the U.S. January conference board leading index fell 0.2% in May hit the lowest U.S. Conference Board (Conference Board) said in a report, the U.S. January leading index fell 0.2% to 123.2, the 2 consecutive month of decline, last year hit the lowest in May. In addition, some analysts believe that gold market buying is related to computer algorithmic trading. Tai Wong Markets, BMO Capital, director of precious metals trading, said: "the sellers seem to have disappeared."." Tai Wong believes that the price of gold is higher than $1230, and the ounce will cause the bulls to reappear. Since hitting a multi-year low last December, gold has rebounded by almost 20%. Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, said on Monday that the bank was ready to loosen its policy further in March, highlighting the volatility of the financial markets, the slowdown in global growth and the risk of low oil prices. Delaki said in the European Parliament, the European Central Bank will examine the risk of emerging market economic slowdown, and consider the decline in oil prices and market volatility is the theory

避险需求重新抬头黄金多头获推动 金价重回1230上方   FX168讯 周四(2月18日)黄金市场一度有小幅下跌,但随着美国股市的下滑,大幅回升超过2%,上涨至1230美元 盎司水平。   周四金价一度测试1200美元 盎司水平,但日内美国股市重回下跌状态推动了金价逆转走高,一度触及1240美元 盎司的高点,连续第二个交易日上涨。   美国股市结束了此前连续三个交易日的下跌,受到沃尔玛股市下跌对零售业股票下跌的影响走低。   RJO Futures高级市场策略师Bob Haberkorn表示:“股市回落,金价回升。”   Haberkorn称:“股票重新下行而原油价格也再度走低,金价走强,黄金市场的情绪目前是非常看多的。”   日内银价也回升走高,涨幅近1.5%。   U.S. Bank Wealth management高级投资策略师Rob Haworth表示:“日内的转折点是股票的下跌,黄金回升幅度不小。”   Haworth还表示:“目前在日本、瑞典和丹麦的负利率下,黄金又是显现出避险资产的本质。”   日内公布的美国经济数据混杂,也提振黄金走高。   美国上周初请失业金人数意外骤降,创下去年11月以来的最低水平。这一告暗示美国就业前景仍十分强劲。美国劳工部(DOL)公布的数据显示,美国2月13日当周初请失业金人数意外减少0.7万至26.2万,创11月21日当周以来的最低水平,预期27.5万,前值26.9万。   但美国1月谘商会领先指标下降0.2% 触及5月来最低美国谘商会(Conference Board)报告称,美国1月领先指标月率下降0.2%,至123.2,连续2个月下降,触及去年5月来最低。   此外,还有一些分析师认为黄金市场的买盘和计算机算法交易相关。   蒙特利尔银行资本市场(BMO Capital Markets)贵金属交易主管Tai Wong表示:“卖家们似乎消失了。”   Tai Wong认为,金价收高于1230美元 盎司会使得多头重新出现。   自去年12月触及多年低点后,金价已经回升了差不多20%。   欧洲央行行长德拉基(Mario Draghi)周一称,该行准备在3月进一步放松政策,凸显金融市场波动、全球增长放缓和低油价带来的风险。   德拉基在欧洲议会称,欧洲央行将检视新兴市场经济增长放缓带来的风险,并考虑油价下挫及市场波动是否妨碍其推升通胀的效果。   黄金ETF今年也在净流入的状态,表明市场情绪的改善。   (黄金30分钟图 图片来源FX168财经网)   北京时间06:12,现货黄金报价1231.2美元 盎司。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: