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Luoyang: not only do the "experimental field" to be more "leader" — Henan branch network — original title: Luoyang: not only do the "experimental field" to the "leader" when the provincial government has issued the "Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone" implementation plan "on accelerating Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone construction of a number of opinions" as a programmatic document, the "Henan daily" reported the full range of interpretation, has aroused strong repercussions in the community of Luoyang. September 27th to 28, in an interview with this reporter, Luoyang city leaders at all levels and the relevant people have said: the construction of Henan Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone approved by the State Council, is to accelerate the development of Luoyang a major opportunity. Luoyang should seize the opportunity of the first trial, boldly innovate and boldly reform, actively cultivate new competitive advantages, build a new engine for development, and let the old industrial base truly radiate new vitality. Innovation is the first power to lead development." Luoyang mayor Liu Wankang said that the construction of national innovation demonstration zone, is a major strategic task of national and provincial government to Luoyang, Luoyang is an important starting point for the implementation of innovation driven, transformation of the mode of development, the construction of a modern system of innovation, innovative city construction project leader. In the construction of the demonstration area, Luoyang should not only be "experimental field", but also be "bellwether", and accumulate experience and contribute to the innovation and development of the whole city, the whole province and even the whole country. Luoyang City Vice Mayor Chen Shuxin said that at present, Luoyang city has a sound organization to create demonstration area, initially formed a "1+2+N" policy system, the construction of the demonstration zone of the general ideas, strategic positioning, the overall layout, construction objectives, major tasks and safeguard measures. The next step, Luoyang will earnestly implement the national, provincial and municipal decision to deploy requirements on the development of "science and technology system reform pilot area, the transformation and upgrading of model area, open innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship leading area ecological zone, emerging industry zone" strategic positioning, around the "three zone" one core and the overall layout of "331" industrial planning, efforts to gather resources, enhance innovation capacity, promote the transformation, accelerate the construction of demonstration area. As the core area of "one nuclear three district" in Luoyang District, Luoyang high tech Zone has the core, leading and leading role in the construction of demonstration zone, which has a glorious mission and a great responsibility." The director of the Luoyang Administrative Committee of the Party committee secretary Ma Zhiqiang said, the National High-tech Zone, around the construction of the demonstration zone, high-tech zone the next step will be to strengthen strategic guidance, speeding up the floor endowed by the state and the province pilot series of policies and measures to support the upgrading and transformation of the cluster; advantage industry development as the main direction, improve the industrial chain, to build baiyiji the construction of industrial clusters, qianyiji industrial park. The science and technology city of Luoyang is one of the "one core and three districts" in the area. Luoyang Yi shore zone Party committee secretary Sun Zhongxin said the Iraqi coast zone in the development of advanced equipment manufacturing, electronic information and technology services and other strategic emerging industries, will strengthen the research, find out the demand for innovation and entrepreneurship, collated and reported "enterprise technology requirements list", the CITIC Heavy Industries, AVIC Optoelectronics, Zhongke information HP Industrial Park, and other projects included in the 2016 annual independent innovation shows)

洛阳:既要做“试验田”更要当“领头羊”–河南分网–人民网 原标题:洛阳:既要做“试验田”更要当“领头羊”   省委省政府先后出台的《郑洛新国家自主创新示范区建设实施方案》《关于加快推进郑洛新国家自主创新示范区建设的若干意见》等纲领性文件,经《河南日报》全方位解读报道后,在洛阳市社会各界引起强烈反响。9月27日至28日,在接受本报记者采访时,洛阳市各级领导及有关人士纷纷表示:国务院批准河南建设郑洛新国家自主创新示范区,是洛阳加快发展的一个重大机遇。洛阳市要抓住先行先试的机遇,大胆创新、大胆改革,积极培育竞争新优势、打造发展新引擎,让老工业基地真正焕发新活力。   “创新是引领发展的第一动力。”洛阳市代市长刘宛康说,建设国家自主创新示范区,是国家和省委、省政府赋予洛阳的重大战略任务,是洛阳实施创新驱动、转变发展方式的重要抓手,是构建现代创新体系、建设创新型城市的龙头工程。在示范区建设上,洛阳市既要做“试验田”,更要当“领头羊”,为全市、全省乃至全国的创新发展积累经验、作出贡献。   洛阳市副市长陈淑欣介绍,目前,洛阳市已健全了示范区创建工作组织机构,初步形成了“1+2+N”政策体系,明确了示范区建设的总体思路、战略定位、整体布局、建设目标、重点任务和保障措施。下一步,洛阳市将认真落实国家、省、市决策部署要求,围绕建设“科技体制改革先行区、转型升级样板区、开放创新引领区、创新创业生态区、新兴产业先导区”的战略定位,围绕“一核三区”的整体布局和“331”的产业规划,着力集聚资源要素,提升创新能力,推动成果转化,加快推进示范区建设。   “作为洛阳片区‘一核三区’的核心区,洛阳高新区在示范区建设中具有核心、主导、引领作用,使命光荣,责任重大。”洛阳国家高新区管委会党工委书记、主任马志强说,围绕示范区建设,下一步高新区将强化战略引导,加快国家和省赋予的先行先试等系列扶持政策措施落地;把优势产业转型升级和集群发展作为主攻方向,完善产业链条,着力打造百亿级产业集群,建设千亿级产业园区。   伊滨区科技城是洛阳片区“一核三区”之一。洛阳伊滨区管委会党工委书记孙忠信说,伊滨区在大力发展先进装备制造、电子信息和科技服务业等战略性新兴产业的同时,将加强调研,摸清创新创业需求,整理上报《企业技术需求清单》,将中信重工、中航工业光电所、中科信息产业园、惠普等项目纳入2016年度自主创新示范区洛阳片区重大项目清单,为洛阳片区建设提供有力支撑。 (责编:黄莎、丁小芳)相关的主题文章: