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WeChat dealer reselling marijuana 7 months for   Alipay pay per gram earned 40– Society: people.com.cn original title: WeChat dealer reselling marijuana 7 months for Alipay pay per gram earned 40 Liu in the trial. JINGWAH Times reporter Pu Dongfeng photo JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) spent 110 yuan per gram from WeChat friends buy marijuana, price of 40 yuan per gram and then sold to another friend WeChat, yesterday, 21 year old Liu found guilty of drug trafficking in the Chaoyang Court trial, and the court was sentenced to 7 months a fine of 2000 yuan. At 10 a.m. yesterday, Liu, wearing a black coat and a short stature, was brought into the courtroom. The prosecutor of Chaoyang procuratorate read out the indictment and accused Liu of committing the crime of selling drugs. Because Liu had no objection to the charges and the facts of the crime, the judge Cui Guang decided to use the summary procedure in court. In the face of whether the judges have opinions, whether to submit new evidence, whether to apply for witnesses to appear in court and other inquiries, Liu responded one by one said, "no"". He did not hire a lawyer for himself, and even gave up his last chance to defend himself. In view of Liu’s confession and repentance, the prosecutor recommends a lighter punishment. Liu confessed that he does not drugs, in March 5, 2015, 19 year old girl Liu Moumou to the micro channel, ask the hands have no goods (marijuana), he said, asked her how much. Liu Moumou said to 5 grams or 10 grams, and ask how much money. Liu said 150 yuan per gram. Later, Liu through the micro channel from the hands of others to buy 5 grams of marijuana, 110 yuan per gram, he is paid to each other by alipay. Liu Liu in Xicheng District with about Hepingmen near delivery. In March 9, 2015 14, Liu Mouyi with marijuana came to the agreed place, just to be in advance in this dispatched Chaoyang police arrested, and seized 4.37 grams of marijuana, marijuana, marijuana, marijuana two phenol four in drug detection. It is understood that the clues from a jailed person to report. Chaoyang Court held that Liu had committed the crime of selling drugs in order to sell drugs to others for personal gain. But given after appearing in court truthfully confessed crimes, drugs are not into the society, so the crime punishment, sentenced to imprisonment for 7 months, and fined 2000 yuan. (source: JINGWAH times) 毒贩微信倒卖大麻获刑7个月 支付宝付账每克赚40–社会–人民网 原标题:毒贩微信倒卖大麻获刑7个月 支付宝付账每克赚40 刘某在法庭上接受审判。京华时报记者蒲东峰摄   京华时报讯(记者张淑玲)每克花110元从微信好友处购买毒品大麻,每克加价40元后再卖给另一微信好友,昨天,21岁的刘某因犯贩卖毒品在朝阳法院受审,并当庭被判处有期徒刑7个月,罚款2000元。   昨天上午10时许,身穿黑色上衣、个子较矮的刘某被带入法庭。朝阳检察院公诉人宣读起诉书,并指控刘某犯了贩卖毒品罪。因刘某对罪名及犯罪事实均无异议,该案法官崔光同当庭决定采用简易程序审理。   面对法官是否有意见、是否提交新证据、是否申请证人到庭等询问,刘某一一回应称“没有”。他没有为自己聘请律师,甚至也放弃了为自己作最后辩护的机会。   鉴于刘某认罪悔罪,公诉人建议对其从轻处罚。   刘某供述称自己并不吸毒,2015年3月5日,19岁的女孩儿刘某某给其发微信,问其手里有没有货(毒品大麻),自己就说有,问她要多少。刘某某称要5克或10克,并问其多少钱。刘某称每克150元。   之后,刘某通过微信从别人手中买了5克大麻,每克110元,自己是通过支付宝给对方付了账。   刘某同刘某某约好在西城区和平门附近交货。2015年3月9日14时许,刘某一人带着大麻来到约定地点,刚到便被事先在此布控的朝阳警方抓获,并当场起获大麻4.37克,毒品中检出大麻酚、大麻二酚、四氢大麻酚。   据了解,该线索来自一名在押人员举报。   朝阳法院审理认为,刘某为牟取私利向他人出售毒品,已犯了贩卖毒品罪。但鉴于其到案后能如实供述罪行,毒品未流入社会,故对其所犯罪行从轻处罚,判其有期徒刑7个月,并罚款2000元。 (来源:京华时报)相关的主题文章: