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Supplements Laxatives can be defined as any food or drug that stimulates the evacuation of the bowels. Constipation is defined as difficult, in.plete or infrequent evacuation of dry hardened feces from the bowels. A lot of people all over the world suffer from the problem of constipation and the number of cases is ever increasing due to the modern lifestyle. Constipation means hard stools. To find the answer about what causes our stools to be hard; we have to look towards our diet. We cook food before we consume them. This destroys all the enzymes and obstructs bowel movement. Raw food on the other hand is rich in enzymes and fibers which facilitate digestion and proper bowel movement. So we should consider having a proper balanced diet with fruits and cereals in the routine as a preventive measure. To cure constipation, we use laxatives. The best results are obtained from laxative herbal. There are several different types of laxative herbal and they work in different ways. They can be classified into bulk formers and Hyperosmotics. Bulk formers are not digested but their function is to absorb liquid and swell to form a soft bulky stool. The Hyperosmotics taken orally can be classified into the saline, lactulose and the polymer types. The oral saline laxatives are also .monly known as salts. They rapidly empty the lower intestine as well as the bowels. However they are not likely to be used as a long term remedy for recurring constipations. They can also be used as antacids in smaller doses than that for laxatives. So, it has a two in one effect. Though oral saline laxatives have limited use they can be used to provide results in a short time. They find use in conditions ranging from simple constipation to elimination of food from body in cases of food poisoning and also in preparing the body for surgery. Now if you are looking for a gentle, natural constipation reliever, you should consider getting the Swiss Kriss herbal laxative. It is an effective mixture of natural herbs and flowers and relieves from constipation by working in .plete harmony with the body. It also does not affect the body adversely as .pared to its synthetic counterparts. As you can already deduce that the Swiss kriss herbal laxative is widely popular all over the world as it relieves constipation without .plication.Now if you are suffering from constipation it is always better to take the advice of your house physician instead of self medication and always read the instructions properly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: