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Beauty One of the single most readily identifiable iconic figures in history, Superman has be.e legend. .puter games, .ic books, audio books, theater productions, radio shows, and much more all bear his name and there are literally tens of thousands of images of him printed on all kinds of products from wallpaper to Superman underwear. On any list of universally identifiable icons, whatever the top ranked elite, superman will always be among them. The letter ‘S’ on his chest, even the shape and coloration alone, can be immediately recognized by people of every strata of society in seemingly every corner of the civilized world. Ridiculous amounts of paraphernalia, more than a few movies and syndicated television shows, enormous amounts of books, .ics, magazines are dedicated to him and his image. In point of fact, there aren’t too many kinds of media that his story or likeness has NOT appeared on, or been used with. Further, due to his incalculable impact on pop culture, references to his attributes or character are just as frequent as his likeness is actually portrayed. Of the most .monly debated reasons behind the undying popularity of The Man of Steel, one of the most recurring is in regards to his intransigent morality- his absolute inability to champion any cause but justice. Seventy three years ago the ‘Man of Steel’ was introduced to the world for the first time in action .ics #1-artists Jerry Seigel and Joe Schuster first managed to have him published in 1938. That world was a very different one from today’s, but some things, like the popularity of super heroes, haven’t altered much. People still want to dream; to live, in a world where hope and extraordinary heroes exist. Some might speculate that we can’t help but see versions of ourselves in these characters; that they represent the fundamental ways we would aspire to be, but find exceedingly difficult in our day to day. In our reality, many things are constantly muddled into shades of gray; the superhero worlds where right and wrong are never in dispute, can seem infinitely simpler. Indeed, if one takes a second to actually peer at the phenomena closely, it could be argued that the enduring popularity of the super hero down to the present day could be a symptom of the impotence and powerlessness that a great many people feel over their inability to impact major happenings in their lives. The idea of a noble, selfless, humble AND extremely powerful being willing to sacrifice for the greater good is one not easily let go of. Whether you’re a grownup with wistful memories of your first time encountering the Man of Steel in a .ic or on television, or a full fledged fanatic with a wall full of posters, a room full of paraphernalia, a set of Superman underwear and matching sheets, you can take solace in the fact that there are some embodied ideals that refuse to die, or fade away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: