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Parenting Over the last few years or so, a survey has been carried out nationwide which has highlighted the fact that children and bullying within grades six through to ten is at a current high of 30% within the US school system. This figure relates to bullying kids or those who have been the victims of bullies and it is totally intolerable. In addition, as stated by the Federal Government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, "half of school-age kids are victims of this type of abuse." One out of every four students, it is estimated, will encounter kids who bully and another astonishing study showed that 77% of pupils confirmed they had been faced with bullying. So, what exactly is happening in our schools today? The problem may well lie with the idea that bullying is not really a serious issue. Well, this is not true. Unfortunately, bullying is rife and very serious. Teachers are currently attempting to educate pupils in well over the accepted number limits, and there is a tendency to neglect the problems of just a few in order to adequately be of service to the many others. We are all aware that teachers work extremely hard and this ensures that their students have the best chance of successful people but at what point does the teacher have the authority to remove a bully from the classroom? While recent implementations do permit the teachers to get rid of disorderly students, the time it takes to get in touch with a dean or assistant principal is precious time taken away from those students who wish to learn. As a consequence, more and more teachers are trying to continue with the lesson over all the noise in the room at the same time as the bully continues his quest. This does not make for an environment conducive to learning. This is a problem which happens every day in classrooms of schools in America and regrettably it appears to be more widespread in middle schools. There is yet another statistic which calls for a mention at this point. In the region of 280,000 students are bodily attacked in middle schools on a monthly basis. This figure of course, does not even fall close to the truth, as so many incidents never get reported and the reason for this is that the parents may decide not to send their child or children to that particular school. The school then has a low turnout, loses funding and could ultimately be closed down bearing in mind that all school report cards and incidents can be publicly viewed online. Child bullying in middle schools is definitely on the increase. While children in middle schools will not tell tales on other kids for dread of retribution, they are however deeply shocked and troubled by the events that unfold, especially throughout the first week of September. There is an opening on the first Friday of September which utilizes kid bullying strategies against students who have either immigrated to our country and/or who are not fully conversant with the English language. In addition to this fifth graders are not only worried and nervous during their first week, but are easy prey for the kid bullying games which are rampant in schools. The fundamental basis of education is breaking up owing to the violent behavior in public schools today. Copyright By Mandy-Jane Clarke Stop-Bullies.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: