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Recipes Given an opportunity, it is always an added advantage to have a private room or a dedicated Banquet Hall attached to your restaurant to host large groups. It will help to bring customers with corporate and private party needs. Most corporate clients are flocking to the restaurants that are having a Banquet Halls where they can hold their small meetings, breakfasts, and small client meetings and project update gatherings. It will add to revenue as you are able to attract that set of customers in your neighborhood; who are looking for a convenient place to celebrate next Birthday Party or a quite Anniversary dinner in Banquet Hall type of ambiance. Most small Banquet Halls in Bangalore are located in neighborhood restaurants. Before you decide to invest in creation of such a Banquet Hall; take look at your restaurants current client base, location, strengths, weaknesses, ability to break even and make a profit over a period time. The capital investment for such expenditure could be big; also source of such capital will play a critical role. If you are funding from a bank in the form of loan, then caution should be paid to the risk involved. You can mitigate the risk to a large extent if you are able to carve out an area in your dining area to make customizable Banquet Hall and host these types of parties. This could be good strategy as an initial step to test the waters; and if the idea could be monetized. In a city like Bangalore in most affluent neighborhoods; restaurant owners can take the risk to add a Party Hall . Where most people tend to celebrate their birthday parties and other occasion is restaurants. This is because of the ability to have disposable in.e. However in other locations, one has to perform thorough analysis. If you are have an inherited leased space or if the space is not a constraint then it is no brainier; you can always invest in the related services. Also to consider is the, ability to market such an amenity. Most restaurant chefs are busy managing their current business and kitchen. One has to make sure there is enough bandwidth to maintain; market and successfully deliver services. Otherwise it might hurt your existing business and reputation. This might also require some additional investment into your serving staff and kitchen staff. When you are trying to add additional staff, we all know as businessmen; it .es with additional salary bill and other overheads. Because you might have to incur these overheads even while you are not occupied. Do a breakeven analysis to .e up with minimum events to cover your costs; and ability to make reasonable profit. The most cost effective way to market this is to spread the word in the neighborhood. You can make small investments to print inexpensive flyers and drop them door to door or deliver through the morning news papers. Other known methods like placing flyers near grocery store stands; or greeting people in front of your restaurant and handing over the flyers. Other more expensive methods are to place ads in the local edition of popular news papers. It all depends on each situation; you are the better judge – key is to perform a due diligence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: