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Landscaping-Gardening From their origins as rooftop structures, used mainly for observation, to their present status, gazebos have taken many forms. Throughout their colorful history, they have been known as summerhouses, screen houses, kiosks, pavilions, pergolas, arbors, grottos, and pagodas.Prized by members of Egyptian royalty, gazebos were essential parts of their gardens, and have been found, depicted in murals, in tombs dating to 1400 b.c. They were also popular with the aristocracy of ancient Rome and Pompeii, and were built as summerhouses along the Mediterranean.Today, gazebos have grown so popular in this country, that they are almost as .mon as garages. Although some are still used as quiet places to enjoy the beauty of a garden, others have been elevated to loftier positions, as summerhouses, or lavish entertainment centers, with doors, windows, screens, decks, electricity, and plumbing. Many have special lighting, hot tubs, fire pits, and brick barbecues. Arbors, ornamental fountains, bird feeders, birdbaths, wishing wells, koi ponds, and bridges, are also popular landscaping accessories for gazebos.From wood to synthetics, there are several types of material from which gazebos may be constructed. Radiant, durable Western Red Cedar, for example, has natural oils that protect it from decay, while its dimensional stability helps to keep it from warping. Cedar may be sealed and stained to maintain its reddish hue, or allowed to weather to a rich gray.When choosing a material, don’t forget to factor in your region’s weather. If your area is subject to heavy rain or snow, high winds, or severe storms, you may want to consider one of the new Category 4 Hurricane Gazebos from GazeboCreations… With heavy-duty metal, high wind load brackets and hangers, and reinforced posts, braces, floor joists, rafters, and other .ponents, these gazebos can withstand 150 mph sustained winds.GazeboCreations.. boasts a wide selection of pre-designed gazebos in all of the popular shapes, sizes and materials, or you can follow a few simple steps to design your own custom gazebo. All gazebos are delivered in easy-to-build, partially assembled kits. For more information, visit Gazebo Creations , call 888-293-2339, or e-mail [email protected] Gazebo Creations is a division of Cedar Store, specialists in Outdoor Furniture. (NOT FOUND: a7)(NOT FOUND: a8)(NOT FOUND: a9)(NOT FOUND: a10) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: