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657 million parcels peak struck rookie network dual eleven stage technology on a variety of senior high school entrance examination – Sohu comprehensive information on double eleven this time, these two days have been scraper, whether all kinds of media, or circle of friends and micro-blog scraper, various social news and professional interpretation have told us: in Chinese, November 11th, 8 years ago is an important day in the internet entertainment properties and Ali business, truly become an important festival, even more than the famous "black Friday" even crazy, 235 countries in the world, Chinese from the city to the remote mountain area, double eleven media center big screen constantly beating figures and in addition to ranking, told us to freeze at 120 billion 700 million GMV, there are more than 657 million packages, to the world, and the two number is 91 billion 200 million to 4.6 years, the total number of parcels, 700 million. Behind this scene may be: Russian girl as old deaf grandmother live frugally, but still can not afford to buy hearing aids in the store, but the Internet let her from thousands of miles away Chinese, spent a lot of money to a grandmother; shangougou in Henan, the village of Amoy partners to help an old man the online buy Hisense flat-panel TV to the home, rural Taobao and aunts lined up in front of television screens to choose products; Chinese girls waiting waiting to chop hand "results package to arrive…… The package is more and more, the domestic logistics China express the half of the country from small to large, from small to large evolved into today’s "three up" — namely, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme. According to the State Post Bureau issued a "bulletin" the development of the postal industry statistics in 2015 showed that in 2015 the year of the courier business volume completed 20 billion 670 million, the total market size of over 500 billion yuan, the amount of electricity providers Express single has become one of three links, SF courier companies accounted for most of the business, if there is no electricity, the existing express company may will have a great impact, this is not an exaggeration. Data show that only Alibaba Taobao and Tmall orders more than 42 million orders per day, Jingdong orders more than 3 million single daily. Like the ants move, regardless of the size of the express parcel, no matter what the weather is like, as long as the service within the scope of the courier will be in accordance with the agreed time to express to the buyer. Once the article comments, at present Chinese express speed in the speed of global electricity supplier delivery is quite advanced, but when the double eleven similar large orders shipped, many express timeliness can not be guaranteed, and even a lot of orders for more than and 10 days is not received, cause this situation, buyers usually think it is because the courier warehouse explosion, courier not caused. In fact, the real reason is not the case, generally speaking, the goods from the seller to the terminal node, there will be a lot of transit, for B2C businesses, hundreds of thousands or even millions of super single day focused on release, it is not a simple transfer between the courier company, but also need to go through the manufacturers — node — City warehouse transit – Distribution Center – express delivery point and so on, that is to say, a simple package to go through many processes?相关的主题文章: