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70% married regret marriage shows what the original title: 70% married regret marriage shows what author: Tang Yinghong actually said "Tencent" section to do a large-scale social survey by Tencent news client, the theme is the current status of the Chinese marriage. In the 2016 China marriage survey report, a group of survey data show that in about 50 thousand respondents, more than 70% of married people regret marriage, and women are more regret than men. To tell the truth, this group of data released, enough to make people feel surprised. 70% means China Huihun, the young couple had 70% marriage in jeopardy, or at least one party is suffering or forbear. Good to each other happiness, where to go? Once at the wedding vows of love under the watchful eyes of the people where to go? About 10 years ago, the media have reported the analysis of couples who have 50, 60, thinks that there is a considerable part of marriage in name only, just hold the name of marriage within the family, the couple actually had no real marriage, and this marriage is called "rubber marriage". It seems that the marriage of the younger generation, which is based on 70 and 80, is not so beautiful. However, if the heart sank to carefully examine, this set of survey data is not accidental. 70, after the marriage of 70% people but is naturally the result huihun. On the contrary, if their marriage was only a minority but not Huihun, normal. The reason to say so, at least from the following aspects to be corroborated. First of all, our education system has decided that, after 70, the younger generation of married people, in their growth process, there is no opportunity to fully develop the ability to establish and maintain close relationships. From a psychological point of view, a person in adolescence is a critical period of his personality and social development. Therefore, the education of adolescent children (roughly equivalent to the early, high school) should attach great importance to their personality and social development, and create conditions for them to grow and develop space. For example, in the high school education in Europe, the adolescent students’ burden is not heavy, in love, games, activities, party a lot of time in high school, just point to open a reflection of American high school students living in the campus, almost no one in the film high school students will be spent a lot of time in read, review, do, should be admitted. In contrast, the majority of our high school career and love, insulate almost all kinds of games, activities and parties, they will be a critical period of personality and social development completely spent in review, do the examination above. Well, you. Our high school education is so arranged and designed, then our senior high school students in mathematics, science and reading to the envy of the world will be not at all surprising. As a result of last week’s assessment by the world economic cooperation organization (OECD), middle school students in Shanghai, China, ranked first in the world in math, reading and science. However, Shanghai also enjoys high reputation in the world and people’s Park blind angle, the white Hao相关的主题文章: