76 year old man for the child is also a debt owed to a person carrying a cash of $ten in 220 thousan ffrrr.com

A 76 year old man for ten years is one shouldered debt 220 thousand yuan in cash for a grandson, his generation of sub debt, touching. Recently, the 76 year old Cai old man with 220 thousand yuan in cash to the Haicang court, he will repay debt generation for ten years! "I did it to give my grandchildren a home for their children to enjoy." Cai Cai said the old man, his son because of debt, lead to divorce, but also to migrate. After his son ran away, the old man to provoke the burden of raising his young grandson with his meager retirement wages. From 2006 onwards, one after another to the court to prosecute Cai Cai Cai old man’s son, including five cases into the implementation of the program, involving the subject of the principal amount of $158000. Over the past ten years, although the relevant cases, due to the whereabouts of missing, the name of the name of the investigation for the implementation of the property and the suspension of execution, but CAI was included in the list of dishonest court staff, credit bankruptcy, but also can not live a normal life. Recently, the village where the village where the old man Cai encountered land requisition, Cai old man shares several hundred thousand dollars of land acquisition. At this time, the old man’s grandson also went to junior high school age. In order to give grandchildren a home, there is a father’s care, Cai old man took the initiative to go into the court said he was willing to pay debts on behalf of the child, but he asked the court to coordinate the relevant cases, the relief of some interest. After nearly a month of coordination, the executive judge of the move, reason, the parties finally reached a consensus: the old Cai Han sub pay 220000 yuan, the remaining interest to be exempt from the applicant voluntarily. Finally, five to ten years will be the implementation of the backlog case. (Strait Herald (micro-blog) >);相关的主题文章: