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8 year old girl died bus driver wheel nanny were on probation original title: Shanghai 8 year old girl hit the bus wheel case details the nanny, the driver were jailed for a year in October 10, Shanghai youth online (Tian Siqian Chinese Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter Wang Yejie) after the detonation Shanghai "8 year old girls hit the bus wheel" the case recently sentenced. The morning of October 8th, Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s court for the traffic accident case verdict, nanny Wang, the bus driver Gumou were jailed for a year, a year of probation. In the trial, the two defendants have expressed their regret, "I cried a nanny Wang small adorable sorry, sorry for her parents. If there is a chance, I have to work to make money to compensate them." 8 year old girl Meng (a pseudonym) when the incident is a primary school in Shanghai, Pudong, grade two students. May 16, 2016 afternoon, as usual nanny Wang picked up a small car ride home from school. Wang’s electric car without a license, no seat, no seat belt. On the way home, Wang on one side of the non motorized vehicles parked on the 6 cars, she can only ride the battery car in the motor vehicle lane. 16:33, Wang Mou from left overtaking a car traveling the same direction when the bicycle, bicycle due to avoid pedestrians appear suddenly, fall down to the left, the right rear collided with a car battery, which sat in the back seat of a small adorable to the left down to the middle of the road. At this time, Gumou driving of the bus is traveling in the same direction to this place, to go beyond the front of the electric car, bicycle, the bus across the center line of yellow single reverse driving. Unfortunately, this adorable little just fell on the ground, the bus rear rolling on the small adorable moment. After the incident, Gu did not detect, after warning to the scene after the alarm. Unfortunately, little Meng has died on the spot. Identified by the public security organs, Wang, Gu bear the main responsibility for this accident, Meng Meng does not assume responsibility for the accident. August 26th, Pudong court held a public hearing of the case. After the court held that the defendant Wang, a violation of traffic management regulations, and thus a major accident, causing one death, the main responsibility for the accident, his behavior constituted the crime of causing traffic casualties. The court held that the car out of the car driving on the road, the vehicle may not hinder beyond, beyond the front bicycle when Wang Mou does not ensure the safety and keep the distance, so the collision caused by the accident, should bear the main responsibility; Gumou beyond the car battery and bicycle road across the central yellow single lines in the reverse lane, causing the accident, should bear the primary responsibility. In view of the two defendants have voluntarily surrendered themselves, have murdered girls parents understanding, the court sentences. Wang was sentenced to a year in prison, suspended for one year. China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter learned that the 8 year old girl hit the bus wheel after the incident, online spread out a girl’s school "home" against the accident call. The paper said: we are calling on the school and the relevant departments to negotiate, to further improve the traffic safety and chaotic parking around the school at the same time, the need for Peng相关的主题文章: