8 year old girl was raped by the German father was killed by the police killed a knife (Figure)-mentalist

The German 8 year old girl was raped refugee father knife revenge killed by the police (Figure) Berlin Krupp Street (Kruppstraß E) original title: refugee camp girl was raped father knife revenge by the German police killed CNR net Beijing on September 30th news Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported, according to German media reports this week, a eight year old girl was another refugee refugee sexual assault, the father with a knife revenge were killed by the police in Berlin, sparked public sympathy for the dead and the German police handling questions. "Global Chinese radio network" German observers Xue Chengjun introduced the incident or tragedy is sensitive, because it involved so that the German government has been scorched by the flames the refugee problem. According to German media reports, the story is as follows: a 8 year old girl was a 27 year old refugees lured home, and was raped, the girl’s father heard the news after angry, holding a knife to the suspect’s revenge, the result was then rushed to the police shot and killed on the spot. Then the police confirmed that the deceased 29 years old, from Iraq, but also to apply for refugees. This tragedy is not the first time in germany. A few years ago, an Egyptian women with children playing outside with a Russian immigration dispute, the latter on the former use of discriminatory make impertinent remarks, verbal abuse of the woman, and the defendant in court. In the course of the trial, the defendant suddenly sword crazily stabbed the Egyptian women, her husband rushed hurriedly rushed past and fight the murderer, was rushed to the police fired several shot down on the ground. Finally, the pregnant woman died, and her husband by police fire. At that time, there was a great deal of controversy. Many people questioned the ability of the police and how to use the guns. In the event, the 8 year old daughter has been properly placed the German social affairs agency, the suspects are refugees have been controlled by the police, will face prosecution of sexual abuse of minors. For the entire incident, the German authorities are still under investigation, but according to the scene at that time, as well as previous experience to judge, the police should not have any responsibility. German police not but a strong physique, and all are on duty revolver, handcuffs, batons, pistols, and armed with walkie talkie. These things are not furnishings, will be used at any time. The specific provisions of the German police main basis in the use of firearms is the "police law" in, such as including the "ultimate rescue fire" this provision: when the police themselves or rescue the life is seriously threatened, the police can be directly shot and killed the suspects. Berlin police is also based on this one, the decisive shot to the parties. No matter whether you are living or traveling in Germany, you can’t avoid dealing with the police. German police are not divided into police and traffic police, it is usually because of traffic problems with the police intersection. In Germany, if you encounter a police law enforcement, you must listen to his password. Even if you think you are right, no conditions, must not be violent, otherwise it will lead the way to more violence to be overcome, including the use of firearms. In Germany there is no "human nature".相关的主题文章: