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90 seconds to know when the mother, and Anglebaby also do not forget her to play the artifact! [Abstract] with the stars and the moon on the back of the perfect, it immediately sailor leaned over, go with the power of beauty ~Prada show just drifting with feathers with China wind neckline and colorful geometric collision so strange together, at first glance I don’t know what happened, but for a long time seems to have completely acceptable Prada really in the transformation of the fact. Are you still immersed in complex thoughts? Accept the reality, girls! Prada has told you about the 16 years since the fall show! Is! To! Turn! Type! Success stories abound, such as the cahier handbag! Not long ago we baby on the back of it, with a printed letter oversize sweater, fresh and stylish, enchanting smiles students. Attend Prada activities at the scene of the Zhang Zilin body are inside and outside the blue print, cahier handbags have become dazzling color. A model and designer Lv Yan, chose a low-key calm black cahier bag at the same event, as can be imagined, Prada so many bags, you are so love cahier handbags! We are Master Han fire and Jiang Shuying self play did not miss the little cute, it’s what charm? In the autumn and winter of Prada2016 show up a circle on the fire of the bag, the second day will tell you, sold out! From the appearance point of view that this is a design with a girl’s mind, like a notebook in his hand, the side like organ, resistant containers and good-looking. Smooth and clean lines, protect the edge design of bronze metal resembles the ancient books of the corner, lock design as Notepad buttons, the overall feeling of the classical works like a book full of years. Add a bronze metal bag retro style, dignified and elegant yet beautiful. Back in the body seems to be able to put all the girls in the hearts of the little secrets and beautiful memories in the inside, ready to take a look back. In addition to the pure color series, our designers certainly did not forget to design several limited edition so that you love, love to overflowing! This group of stars bag series that are out of stock in Europe as a whole, a packet is hard to find! With the moon and the stars perfect, on the back of it immediately sailor leaned over, go with the power of beauty ~ wide straps packet IT this year, bag exclusive standard. The metal rose collocation on the wrist, let you become a story of female shoes. Besides the bag itself, the designers cleverly put them down several times, you can let the positive energy down at any time, anywhere to hang a small book, a word not just reading, it is also fashionable and culture IT girl ah! A green leather book hanging in the chest, walked all has enough chest like it ~ to open the key to the secret garden, with metal rose in writing, do not buckle at the waist, as if at any time can open a romantic trip. There is a book, don’t worry about the necklace shape monotonous, exquisitely delicate roses to tell you how to do a culture of the Hua Xianzi – back to the problem相关的主题文章: