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96 year old when accounting for the poor students to earn tuition for 14 years to donate about 400000 yellow Xian Wen 14 years donated about 400000 yuan student, picking up thousands of children who dream of going to school in the morning news reporter Peng Yijun last week "good folk charity list Fujian 2016 person of the year" award, an award of personality explicit eye. He is 96 years old Huang Wenqian, specially from Putian, Xianyou county to participate. You may find it hard to believe, the half hunched, some white hair old man, still in work for students who is poor. In 14 years, he used the small body, carry more than one thousand children dream of going to school. He donated a total of about 400000 yuan, including the monthly pension and child pension. Students from childhood dropped out of the experience of learning, Huang Wenqian said it was derived from his childhood regret. "I graduated from junior high school, I got a good grade in Putian. Get the admission notice, the mother is a face of sorrow, I knew there was no money, had to take notice of hide, and told her mother that I did not go." Forced to drop out of school experience, so that Huang Wenqian can not go to school to see the pain. In 2002, a distant nephew Huang Wenqian to borrow money to pay tuition to the children, he immediately agreed. Huang Wenqian also learned that many children in a primary school in the town no money for college. Since then, Huang Wenqian has embarked on the road to learning. At the time when Huang Wenqian was 82 years old, he gave up his enjoying the time to start work. Huang Wenqian said that he can receive more than 2000 yuan a month pension, plus working to earn money, he saved the money donated to poor students. 14 years, he has donated $about 400000 to help more than 1000 children. In the Min 2016 charity charity list of the annual awards ceremony, Huang Wenqian to show details of years of study. Only in the fall of 2016, Huang Wenqian funded nearly 20 college students, nearly $10 thousand. In addition to funding students, Huang Wenqian also in the village to help the elderly poor, and donated for roads and other paved bridge. In 2012, I heard the village a primary school because of dilapidated buildings need to be rebuilt, lack of funds, Huang Wenqian immediately 10 thousand yuan will be donated to the school. Adhere to work to make money to live frugally on the road in the beginning of the study, while his son in the United States to invite him to work in the United States to live. However, Huang and his wife lived in the United States only 5 months, went back to the old house in Xianyou. Huang Wenqian said that he was in the United States is too busy, do not have to do. Now, every morning, 96 year old Huang Wenqian and office workers to get up early to go to work. He works as an accountant in a local firm. Don’t look at his age, he remembers every account clearly. In addition to working to make money, daily life, Huang Wenqian is also very economical. He lived in the bedroom only 10 square meters, a table, a bed, no other furnishings, feet a pair of cloth shoes worn for five or six years of tinkering. Huang Wenqian’s granddaughter Lin Biqin said that in the "Fujian 2016 charity list good person of the year" list of news, Huang Wenqian said he would take the bus from Xianyou to Xiamen as long as 55 yuan, relatively cheap, but the child is not assured he take the bus bumps along the way, to help him to call a car. His wife is ill, nearly a hundred people to visit every year, Huang Wenqian home;相关的主题文章: