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A combination of meat out "variety madman" Zhang Zhehan – Zhang Zhehan Sohu acclaim entertainment Sohu turned young basketball entertainment news on Friday, health "the amazing race third season seventh party. This program has been optimistic about the audience "variety madman" Zhang Zhehan and his partner Zhang Sifan came to the "movie paradise" of Hollywood, Zhang Zhehan was injured in the game unfortunately lost again and again, the final ranking in the end to be eliminated, let the audience feel regret and regret. The new "four" Zhang Zhehan by virtue of its superior athleticism, optimistic personality, handsome Hale appearance on the show wonderful performance has been recognized by the audience, acclaimed.     for Zhang Zhehan in the program of the fighting spirit and sports talent, won the world champion Liu Xiang and Guo Jingjing alike, also gain the audience full of praise. Netizen "the snow Philippines son snow Philippines commented:" although be eliminated, but you are the best in our hearts! Thank you for all the efforts you have made for us! Netizen "in Dongting autumn" commented: the man is even pain to work hard, Zhang Zhehan gave us positive energy enlightenment. Netizen "sissy small teeth" praised: Han brother, is always in our minds, ACE, Bang Bang Da, love you oh. Netizen "my name is Liu Xiaonian _1368 commented:" Zhang Zhehan is really great, with Liu Xiang than to jump when you see Liu Xiang very versatile, so much of your program, but also to see your TV series, are you really touched and encouraged, I wish you a speedy recovery, to recuperate, hope again see your good works. Zhang Zhehan works in recent years frequent, has starred in the TV series "I was crazy", "Palace", "palace lock up", "beauty of benevolence sharp division", "Han", "The legend of Condor Hero love song", "cloud", "class Nirvana in Fire Shu legend", and "just broadcast half demon," Qingcheng "decryption" and other hit series, Zhang Zhehan with the sun handsome image of the screen and solid acting has been recognized outside the industry, and was named the 2016 new "size four" title. It is reported that Zhang Zhehan played by the male one of the TV series, time city shooting lasted nearly three months time, has come to an end, is expected to meet with the audience next year.相关的主题文章: