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A dangerous situation struck Zhengzhou volunteer water rescue team to rescue the drowning man – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter Qi Yong) August 25th at noon, Zhengzhou in a dangerous situation hit, many people around the shelter, Zhengzhou city water volunteer rescue team has rushed to the emergency, the rain water, two hours after the the drowning man successfully salvaged, such as clean up tools to return, the 3 points have the afternoon, but they didn’t eat lunch. 25 at noon at about 12, Zhengzhou weather mutation, dark clouds, wind blowing, and soon It is raining cats and dogs. At this time, the Zhengzhou water rescue team captain Niu Zhenxi received the Zhengzhou 110 phone call, said the diversion of water diversion siphon position, there is a person falling into the water, hoping to rescue. After receiving help, the cattle immediately notify members of the team, the group went to rescue. Arrived in the western suburbs of Zhengzhou City, the location of the incident, the rescue team saw the drowning man floating in the water, the upper part of the body not wearing clothes, is bubbling on the back. Then began to use ropes and other tools to salvage. More than 1 hours later, the drowning man was salvaged. Rescue team members told reporters that the drowning man is likely to drift down from the upstream, initially identified as dead. Drowning man to the scene after the police handed over to the scene, the rescue team began to pack up the tool to leave. This time is at 2 o’clock, the 5 rescue team has been covered by the rain, did not have time to eat lunch, hungry. "I get home at 3 and have lunch. Noon received a call for help, the police are on the scene, are waiting for it, the rain was too big, have to go, simply can not attend to eat." The rescue team captain Niu Zhenxi told reporters: "there are a lot of time, drowning families are anxiously waiting to receive calls, are rushed past. "According to Niu Zhenxi, there are players with Moldova rushed to the scene of the accident, there is no umbrella, whole body wet," everyone dedicated, people are very moved." Currently, the specific circumstances of the drowning man in the local police investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: