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A four week outpatient clinic registration fee is free at the end of this month, the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University ushered in the two birthday of open. In order to repay the majority of the public, October 31st -11 month 5 days, the hospital will host the two anniversary of the large medical and health lecture activities week, when more than 11 thousand source big run, there are 30 public health seminars to share you. It is reported that the clinic week, in addition to Zhejiang four all doctors all stood outside, as well as from Zhejiang, Zhejiang two, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, the provincial child protection hospital academic leaders, aided by experts, there are nearly 100 experts turns Zuozhen, sent a total of 11 thousand clinic source. Among them, like a VIP Clinic, medical clinic, usually the registration fee will be 150 yuan and 200 yuan, the free clinic, a patient in need not to miss. In addition, the clinic during the week, the school also arranged a health lecture about 30. On the first floor of the hospital outpatient service hall, next Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon, there were a lot of health lectures, many topics are related to common diseases, public health care, such as children with foreign body aspiration and emergency treatment, children with fever treatment, fatty liver small class, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, senile osteoporosis prevention etc. the public interest, not to listen to. Zhejiang medical hospital by appointment registration, clinic, source can be a week in advance to grab number, today at 3 pm (3 pm every day when the telephone number, the most easy to grab No. oh), next Monday, the source can make an appointment in advance. The expert outpatient clinic activities schedules periodic health seminars and specific arrangements for the table (with two tables). Now focus on "Zhejiang newspaper" the official WeChat, click on the WeChat below the "Zhejiang four clinic" column, you can make an appointment to grab no.. In addition to the official WeChat news, you can also make an appointment clinic source through the following ways: (1) the telephone booking: 12580 Zhejiang mobile, China Unicom, the 116114 Chinese 114 China Telecom; (2) a fourth self-service machine Reservation: 7:30-17:00?; (3) site reservation: reservation service platform of Zhejiang province; (4) "a fourth" WeChat subscription number, the pocket Zhejiang four appointment. Need to be reminded that Zhejiang four real name system to see a doctor, please use the patient’s own information to make an appointment registration. After successful appointment, registration of the mobile phone number will receive hospital notification message, please SMS tips on clinic patients according to time, valid certificates to the hospital registration fees artificial window (hospital outpatient hall on the first floor on the right side) take a number.相关的主题文章: