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A French journalist: Hollande privately admit that Islam is a big problem – the Sohu military channel data figure: French President Hollande. In October 11th, France’s "express" two reporters announced their interview with French President Hollande, some of which involve the negative views of Islam and the reception of refugees to the president of Hollande. Media believe that Hollande and his right-wing opponents on this issue more and more similar. President Hollande initially planned to receive 24 thousand refugees, and his plan was supported by the public. Recently, his anti Islamic and refugee rhetoric shocked France and europe. Hollande revealed that he no longer support the reception of refugees, Islam is too stubborn, Muslim women believe that the veil is free. Two French journalists "express" in their book "the president should not say" mentioned in many Islamic and Muslim refugees and Hollande for details. There are some examples about immigration: "I think there are too many immigrants, immigrants should not be there." On Islam: "I am not saying that Islam is a problem, but it is a dangerous thing to try to consolidate its religious authority in a republic."." A Muslim woman: "today, tomorrow will be the veiled woman Marianne (French national symbol)", but, he added, "to a certain extent, if we can provide the conditions for its development, let them take the veil, as in the future. At the same time, can be a real french. This is an ideal." According to the British Daily Mail reported on October 12th, Hollande privately said: one day, the symbol of France will become a woman wearing a veil." Hollande also believes that a lot of immigrants to France lack of affection, this phenomenon is most obvious in the sports world. Many of France’s outstanding athletes moved to the UK because of club deals or high salaries. In the book, "the president should not have said," Hollande has complained that footballers are part of a serious identity crisis in French society. He told reporters that the international sports team in France is a "fragmentation" and "racial" place, so that the fact is very terrible". Hollande made his comments shortly after the 2012 election, saying: "the French team has no cohesion." "They come from the welfare room, no French values, will soon leave france. He also said that the education level of immigrants is too low to be psychologically prepared to distinguish between good and evil". However, during the campaign, Hollande often visited poor communities, such as public housing, and claimed that he and the people together. In the words of the British "Daily Mail", "the president should not have said" to uncover the veil of hypocrisy of Hollande. It is reported that, in this book, the two reporters in the past four years and has conducted 61 interviews.相关的主题文章: