A friend borrowed pension money 3 years also help women to judge squatting for several days back in mentalist

A friend borrowed pension money 3 years also help women to judge squatting for several days – Beijing helpless woman on the court, the judge help to return the money to Xianbao Wei Changgen Washington reporter Liu Yongbo Li Yan Wan Jingjing "after 3 years, I finally returned to the pension money." Yesterday, reporters from the Qingyunpu District Court was informed that nearly 60 years woman Kang lent 90 thousand yuan pension money years to live frugally saved up a friend, and later repeated to pay back the money, but the other with all kinds of excuses. Qingyunpu District Court judge after several days of squatting, will eventually Kang pension money to come back. 90 thousand pension money lent to a friend in 2013, 60 woman Kang Yin by trusted friends, their years of live frugally saved up 90 thousand yuan pension have all lent a yin to do business. This is a good due for repayment, but after the expiration of a Yin not to mention money. So, to Kang Yin Yin bombarded borrowing, but are looking for all kinds of excuses, always say right away. This money to lend in the course of contacts, more than 3 years, did not come back. See a Yin Kang had no intention of repayment, a down angrily to Qingyunpu District Court, the court will be a yin. The judges put the money back to the court shall support the claim of kang. However, the court found that Yin has moved away from the identity of the registered residence, the phone can not contact. Judge Zhang Hua found clues, a small Yin son lived in Chang Dong, immediately came to this area out of the news, that a Yin daughter-in-law just production soon, Yin often come to visit. So, the judge will squat in the area. August 23rd evening 11 points, Yin appeared in the District, then the judge summoned to court. The face of the judge, a Yin finally bowed his head, and an apology to the Kang, Kang will owe 90 thousand yuan full return.相关的主题文章: