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UnCategorized If you are planning to purchase cricket bats very soon, then you need to plan beforehand. There are few essential tips you need to follow before you buy bats. No doubt, the Internet and other external sources might bombard you with different tips that you can follow while making a purchase. However, it will ultimately depend on you for recognising the right variety of bats for your purpose. Your first impression on these cricketing items may not turn out be the best, so you need to have a feel, or at least a good understanding, of the bats you are looking at before making a decision in regards to purchasing one. If you were to look at the market today, you wouldn’t be surprised to see different varieties of bats at your disposal. Choosing the right model is very important. You first need to identify your style of batting and then choose one that will make you feel .fortable. It shouldn’t be tough to find one that is specifically designed, keeping in mind different style of batting adopted by modern day batters. So all you have to do is to understand your style of play and select the bats appropriately. In addition to choosing the right quality of bat, it is equally important to select one that is proportionate in size. This is because the sizes can vary a great deal so as to make them suitable for play for different types of players. Another thing you need to consider while buying cricket bats is your stance while you are batting. Different forms of willow used in making bats will also need to be considered while you make the all-important decision of buying an appropriate one. According to many, English willow seems to meet the needs of different people around the globe. Bats need to be of appropriate weight and if experts in the game are to be believed, then using heavy ones for a long duration could cause some kind of physical injury to the body. However, in practice, the players in the middle haven’t had any such instances. In fact, there have been a number of batters around the world using heavy varieties for a number of years, and they haven’t had any injuries! All said and done, the choice of cricket bats largely depends on the batters taste and needs. It is always a better option to start off with lighter ones and then gradually switch to those that are heavier. However, the all-important transition should take place slowly and not all of a sudden. Very often you get to see youngsters trying to emulate great batsmen, who often use heavier ones, and are thereby inviting trouble for themselves. You need to recognise your style of play and choose the equipment you need accordingly. Buying the right one is merely not enough. You need to take care of them so that they will remain in working condition for a long time. Oiling them regularly is one way to keep them at an optimum condition. Also ensure you store them carefully and safely when you are not using them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: