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A study of table tennis coach began to change to take swimming practice table tennis coach let to practice swimming yesterday, Huang Wenpan’s parents are still immersed in the joy of the son of gold, in their view, this is the son sent best Mid Autumn Festival gift. They never thought that Huang Wenpan would have this day. Because since birth, Huang Wenpan’s legs and lumbar vertebrae don’t feel anything. The action of the left hand is very stiff. Only the right hand is better, but it can’t reach the normal level. Huang Wenpan actually finished the game with only one right hand, and his disability level was more serious than the other opponents of the same level. In the past 14 years, Huang Wenpan is a "swim", 2009, Hongya County FIMITIC sports seedling, 14 year old Huang Wenpan was the first coach Tang Tifang fancy, let Huang Wenpan give up a first choice of table tennis, began to participate in swimming training. At first, because of the poor sense of water and when he first learned to swim, Huang Wenpan lost heart when he was launched. He could neither stand firm nor move his waist. He could only rely on the strength of two arms. The coach dragged his lower body to keep him drifting, drawing, and practicing his mouth outside. An ordinary floating action takes a long time to practice, and the hard work and hard work will be much more than a sound athlete. "Because the legs inconvenient, injury, cramps, choking water is common, especially in the winter is especially cold. Thanks to the coach’s patient guidance and encouragement, as well as meticulous care, I’ve been stuck with it all the time. " Huang Wenpan said, Lane 50 meters long, their training every day to swim 13000 meters, which is 130 times.

 一开始选学乒乓球 教练让改练游泳   一开始选学乒乓球   教练让改练游泳   昨日,黄文攀的父母还沉浸在儿子夺金的喜悦中,在他们看来,这是儿子送来最好的中秋节礼物了。他们从未想到过,黄文攀会有这一天。因为从出生以来,黄文攀的双腿和腰椎就没有任何感觉,左手的动作也很僵硬,只有右手比较好用但也达不到正常人水准。黄文攀实际上是只靠着一只右手完成比赛,他的伤残等级比同一级别的其他对手都要严重。   在14岁以前,黄文攀是一名“旱鸭子”,2009年,洪雅县残联选拔运动苗子,14岁的黄文攀被启蒙教练唐体芳看中,让黄文攀放弃了一开始选择的乒乓球,开始参加游泳集训。   起初由于水感不够好,刚开始学游泳时,黄文攀一下水便失去重心,既无法站稳,腰也动不了,只能完全依靠两只手臂的力量。教练便拖着他的下半身让他练习漂浮、划水、练习嘴巴在外面换气。一个普通的漂浮动作都要练习很长时间,所要付出的辛苦和努力也比健全的运动员多得多。   “因为腿脚不方便,拉伤、抽筋、呛水都是常事,特别是冬天下水都特别冷。多亏了教练耐心的指导和鼓励,以及无微不至的关怀,这才让我一直坚持了下来。”黄文攀说,50米长的泳道,自己训练时每天要游13000米,也就是130个来回。相关的主题文章: