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Adventure never too late: 5 seventy grandma reality show ultimate challenge – International –         new season TV program, a group of elderly grandmother who participated in diving, rafting, walking and a series of extreme sports, they prove something to the world, that is "the challenge, never too late".        , 77 years old, Ann and Joy, aged from London, aged Roz from Singapore, aged from Glasgow, Grace. In the new season this week, "50 Ways to kill the mother," the series, the four old men joined the Irish adventurer Ashmawy camp Nancy, aged 74.         Nancy is a retired nurse from Dublin, ireland. She traveled around the world, a veteran of extreme sports, and her son, the Irish radio and television show host Baz Ashmawy participated in the recording of the first two seasons. Nancy Ashmawy (right 2) and her son Baz return to the new season, "the 50 way to kill Mom" series, this season they ushered in a new member Roz (left 1) and Grace (right 1). Roz, Grace and Nancy are trying to walk on the edge of Toronto TV tower". (editing, focusing on commissioning editor: Baz) (right 1) and bold grandmothers hanging in the upper edge of the TV tower. Nancy, 74, a veteran of extreme sports, hopes to inspire people to confront their fears through their own challenges. A new member of Grace (pictured) is challenging the skyscrapers between ziplining.         before the show, she jumped over the plane, sitting on the crocodile’s back, and even played bungee jump, from connecting two peaks on the bridge jumped down.         in the new season, she and her friends will brave together in the Toronto TV tower high "edge walk", cableway taxiway between Toronto skyscrapers, paragliding in Dubai, catch fish in the jungles of Peru unarmed.         they will be in Costa Rica 140 feet (about 43 meters) high waterfall in Dubai to play down the line, 30 feet (about 9 meters) high freefall water slide, in Canada and the gunman, learning how to hunt deer.         in addition, they are also very special on the opening of the program, they took a speedboat ride across Thames River to the new season of the show. (Editor: focusing on commissioning editor, Grace, 73), said: "I just want to see my peers in time can feel" if she can do it)相关的主题文章: