After 10 years the most rich in these industries to riches kairui

After 10 years the most rich in these industries most easily released rich academy days before and after 10 years the most rich city list, you live in these places? Beijing Description: global pattern changes, China’s rapid rise. Beijing, the capital of the status of the internal resources of the country, has extensive international contacts. At present, Beijing urban and rural areas (600861, stock it) a large gap, the central city of Bohai has not yet formed an overall focus on the effectiveness of the future development of large space. In addition, the government based on the reality, the strategic height. Shanghai Description: on Chinese rise, the construction of the center of the world. The open international market broadens the way for Shanghai to obtain resources and the potential development space. Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration strength, Shanghai as the central city of the Yangtze River Delta will rise to become a world-class metropolis. In addition, the Shanghai World Expo will further enhance the international influence of Shanghai to attract more high-end elements. Description: "the former Chengdu Tianfu city", the pastoral world of tomorrow. Chengdu has put forward the global positioning and long-term goal of building a modern garden city in the world, and continue to implement the strategy of developing the western region. Chengdu’s rich history and culture, superior ecological environment. The development of information technology has won the development opportunities similar to the coastal cities. Shenyang: Northeast borrow opportunity, "Oriental Ruhr" treasures exhibition. Shenyang’s basic conditions are good, beautiful urban environment. The reform of state-owned enterprises is the first to be completed. International investment and domestic industrial transfer, to provide hardware support for take-off. Liaoning coastal economic zone development plan, for the rise of Shenyang provides a rare opportunity. Description: Chongqing old spring new flowers, towards international metropolis. Chongqing will be positioned as an important growth pole of the west, so that Chongqing has strong policy support. In the coastal industrial gradient transfer and heavy industry to accelerate the double opportunities, Chongqing will rely on a solid foundation for industrial upgrading. In addition, the overall development of urban and rural areas, stimulating a strong domestic demand. Think of these wealthy city battles? Only "stupid" is not enough. Even if you have lived here, you can not just buy a house, you have to know how to invest. The following is the next 10 years, China’s important investment direction, do not miss. SOE reform of state-owned assets securitization rate of less than 30%, preliminary estimates, the next few years there will be at least 10 trillion ~20 trillion yuan of huge state-owned assets into the stock market. Most state-owned enterprise reform will be through mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, listing. It can be expected that a large number of high-quality assets will be injected into the listed companies through a variety of forms, which is an important step in the reform of state-owned assets, but also an important investment opportunities in the stock market. The direction of market attention: first, to promote the securitization of state-owned assets, the two is to promote the integration and reorganization of state-owned enterprises, and the three is a mixed ownership, the improvement of state-owned enterprises is the improvement of the company, the five is a special focus on scientific research institutes. The Belt and Road "The Belt and Road area covering a total population of about 4 billion 600 million (more than 60% of the world’s population), the total GDP reached $20 trillion (about 13). With a positive response from governments, and relevant supporting policies and supporting services complete, "the key The Belt and Road construction started, to further promote the positive.相关的主题文章: