Air China magazine in fact most foreigners feel that the Chinese people do not need to apologize queer as folk

In fact, most foreigners think that Air China magazine Chinese did not need to apologize yesterday, many media reported such a news Chinese international airlines have a "Chinese wing" air monthly, prompt to be more careful travelers visit to London in some areas of India and Pakistan and black areas ". Many domestic media reports said: this caused a great disturbance in London, was criticized as "racial discrimination". Air China then gave an article on the issue of a letter of apology apology. It was the first American CNBC broadcasting company in Beijing reporter Haze Fan found that she shared the text on the 6 in Twitter, but also the mayor of Pakistan, Sadiq Khan, asked him what he thought. Heat transfer in various social platforms. The mayor of London did not respond to Twitter, but the London local newspaper "evening standard" said Chinese air safety tips "racism storm" (racist storm), and some British politicians have asked China to apologize, and delete the relevant statements. The guardian also carried a report on the matter, the title is "air magazine of London tourists" racist "tips": according to Broadcasting British Corporation BBC news, London has many American India residents Ealing Southall District congressman Virendra Sharma said it had written to China in Britain’s ambassador, demanded an apology. It was here, in our domestic is not well know this farce, until the TV series "Big Bang" play Raj India born actor Kunal Nayyar also joined the debate…… He forwarded the abuse of Air China twitter, and said: really? Air China to eat X bar. (Really? Yeah eat Air China. poop Excuse me? The "Big Bang" in India how much black piece is from the mouth of the Raj, at that time he did not let the writers clamoring to eat X? Now jump out to promote their own have a patriotic heart, ran the wrong set? See here, do not feel that foreigners are targeting China Air magazine? But the real situation is not very appreciate friends — foreigners. Foreign media news said that because of various racial discrimination Chinese adding the trimmings, and the people of the world reacted strongly, but we turn to the comments, so you didn’t overreact. Many foreign friends are standing on the side of China’s air, that this is a wise suggestion based on facts, should not be over interpreted. Western media: dry! Chinese racial discrimination! Offend all the people of london! The people of London: what? Chinese people how I? Why are you on behalf of all the people? We intercept the BBC tweets forwarded comments, basically say: this proposal does not matter what ah, that makes sense. Take a look at the so-called "racial discrimination": "it is safe to travel to London, but some of the areas of India and Pakistan and the black areas are relatively chaotic. Night is best not to travel alone, women should try to walk together." Here in the region, chaos is the fact that the people of the airline in the principle of safety first to the compatriots.相关的主题文章: