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"Ambush" Guizhou broadcasting drama can not stop Xu Jia – Sohu entertainment actor Xu Jia Xu Jia stills entertainment news media produced by Sohu, "" tough guy "Xu Jia starred in the TV series the large continuous" ambush "in October 28th will be heavy landing Guizhou tv. The play tells the story of Xu Jia played by the Nanjing city officer "Yongkai stone" in the defense of Nanjing met the underground party members Yuan Yuting, and fought with the Patriots, common resistance successfully protected the invasion of the enemy, most of the surviving citizens of Nanjing and into the story of Gong Guobao. This is a typical predater image, for Xu Jia is very much at home. By the media as a "tough guy" he just hit the final "battle of Yichang" was once again to capture a hero image in the hearts of the audience, he has been acting excellent audiences and appreciation, this is the play laid a solid foundation for future viewing. Actor Shi Yongkai as defense officer, he is brave and honest, bold and crafty, blood too emotional, impulsive delay. It is reported that in the drama of Xu’s emotional line is quite rich, with a number of female starring intricate emotional drama is the highlight of this drama can not be ignored. It is precisely because of the emotional entanglements of the characters, the story can be more exciting, clever development. Please lock Guizhou TV began in October 28th two night free anti Japanese drama "ambush".相关的主题文章: