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Figure   Anhui high-speed concise popular network; the author details the story of the creation of Anhui – Anhui high-speed channel became popular in the network topology map, the Anhui Expressway and subway map, contains every name, entrance hub, so that people can understand and self driving speed in the chest. Many people are accustomed to listening to the high-speed navigation that the service area, where the next high-speed, but you know the surrounding Hefei, there are many places you can speed it? Designer inspiration sparks, let a Anhui high-speed topology became popular in the network, in the Anhui Expressway and subway map, contains every name, entrance hub, so that people can understand and self driving speed. Who does this topology come from? What’s the story behind it? Anhui high-speed high-speed Anhui concise concise version of popular network map, from the earliest "emblem wind speed" WeChat public number, to figure in Anhui high-speed all routes, entrance, hub name, high-speed service area are accurately marked, and the general highway map is not the same as that of the ordinary people more intuitive and better remember. The image of Anhui Province Abstract contour into a big circle, road network of "eight horizontal" four vertical clever combination which seems more like a subway map, art map. The solid circle set dotted circle, the name of each route marked and labeled name using the national high-speed network and provincial highway network specification name. Although the picture is simple, the details are very hard work. The article explained that the southeast region of Anhui is the most densely populated areas of high-speed road network, the designer took a lot of thought will be placed in such a dense element. While the area northwest of Anhui is the emergence of virtual segment, this is the original Si Xu across Henan section of high-speed (the dashed line), returned to the territory of Anhui. Yue Wu high-speed in the longest tunnel in Anhui mountain tunnel is carefully marked mingtang. Hefei people are most familiar with the Hefei beltway is a small round round figure set with. In a circle around the perimeter can be seen in the city of Hefei, and ANN, Hefei Chaohu Wuhu, Hefei Xuzhou, Hefei Huainan Fuyang and other high-speed, they are fair at all points of the Hefei Beltway "circle", from Wuhu to Hefei by eighteen if the gang under high speed, then the high-speed service will pass through Feidong area, refueling or rest will. 17 years of high-speed people draw this topology is actually a high-speed Anhui – Liu Yong. Liu Yong told reporters that he has been engaged in the highway industry for 17 years, witnessed the development of the cause of Anhui expressway. One night in 2012, Liu Yongzai’s "Epiphany", draw the Anhui high-speed topology began. "It was completely inspired by the moment, with almost a whole night of time to complete the prototype of the topological map, although the picture is now larger than the difference, but the basic framework has been completed. It took about a year to improve and optimize, and gradually form today’s graphics." He also revealed that the subway is also inspired by the topological map, simplify the complex, the route is designed to form a topology, topology is naturally born." Then he would draw a topological map of Anhui high speed every year is his hobby, but also facilitate the people driving. However, in recent years, high speed相关的主题文章: