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Anhui traditional villages conservation planning the introduction of ancient dwellings may be appropriate to allow the internal transformation of the transformation of ancient houses, improve the living comfort; it is strictly prohibited to use as an excuse to protect all the villagers to move out; to encourage social capital to participate in the protection of traditional villages…… In November 17th, the provincial housing department issued a formal "development plan" in 13th Five-Year "the protection of traditional villages in Anhui province" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), to 2020, and strive to include China, Provincial Traditional Village directory villages reached 200, 500. Add a number of Guozihao, upgrading the traditional village culture in our province, the large number of traditional architecture, traditional villages, traditional houses and other historical relics, has a very high historical and cultural and academic value. 2012, the province started the development of the protection and utilization of traditional villages. So far, a total of 363 Provincial Traditional Village, which included in the list of traditional Chinese village village of 163. Provincial Housing Department experts, traditional villages in our province showed obvious regional distribution, Anhui traditional villages concentrated in Mount Huangshan, Xuancheng, Chizhou three city, the Hui culture is a typical representative of traditional villages in the province, is also the emblem of culture "living fossil", to protect the high development and utilization value. The traditional villages in Anhui Province are mainly distributed in Hefei, Anqing, Lu’an three city, to the big house, as the representative of Wei bao. Northern Anhui traditional village remains less. The plan proposed by the end of 2018, so that the traditional cultural heritage of the province’s basic protection, with basic production and living conditions, the basic disaster prevention and security, the basic protection and management mechanisms. By 2020, and strive to be included in the list of traditional Chinese village, provincial village reached 200, 500, the province’s traditional villages have been effectively protected and development. Allow for the proper transformation of the ancient residential areas, the protection of traditional villages in our province, the phenomenon of cultural relics decline prominent. Many traditional villages "hollow", the traditional building severely damaged public nature; the protection of ancient buildings rely on government investment alone, ancient houses, ancient buildings are not timely maintenance; the existing infrastructure, the environment can not meet the demand of modern life, the demolition of old buildings and building new villages, traditional pattern, texture, natural environment damage. In this regard, the "planning" requirements, all respect the traditional architectural style, may not change the traditional building the original height, volume, shape and color and architectural style, prohibit all destructive activities and behavior, impact on the overall outlook of the traditional village buildings renovation. Pay special attention to the use of wood and other debris from local materials, inheritance and coordination and maintain new residential construction, height, color etc.. "Planning" is also clear, in the future the country to maintain the traditional village style and traditional residence shape pattern under the premise, allowing the transformation of ancient houses, improve the living comfort. Protection of intangible cultural heritage as well as ecological and production, life is closely related to the physical and the three places. It is strictly prohibited to protect the grounds of the villagers all move out due to dig the lack of regional planning guidance and cultural heritage of our province, most of the traditional village to build the huizhouvernacular and tourism development path, each)相关的主题文章: