Anny Quan Zhilong, a love to wear dresses up sister honey boy ratatouille

Anny: Quan Zhilong, a two day before love to wear dresses up sister honey BOY right three birthday, feeling the whole circle of friends are many sisters captured ~ fans also do charity in the name of the dragon, is really a special birthday gift, really love ~ ~ ~ chicken rice with beans Chung and 8seconds limited cooperation in time yesterday began offering birthday, really pick day! Sure there are a bunch of fans rushed for Obama endorsement bill ~ sister in chicken birthday Chung but this series of clothes are very nice, the girls wear will turn yang! Chicken Chung should be regarded as more than the kingdom of God fashion icon, and also created a brand Peaceminusone, but also about the market! A few days ago, the sun received the hat was also the first time to send a certified photo to support his brother! I think the Dragon treasure Peaceminusone should be like his personal style, personality and foreign turn. The key will be androgynous men and women kill, because long bao usually very love to wear some neutral wind women, handsome and charming BOY gdragon dresses up ~ sister has been affected by the Lafayette favor, Chanel annual show will be invited. So long bao ultimately to Chanel women’s love and dedication to the recent VOGUE Korea to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the Lafayette shooting himself Zhang Jing, invited dragon Ma beans, you wore a long winter Chanel16 dress, revealing a sexy backless ~ in addition to the show, magazine, privately Longbao also loves to wear ladies, take this year’s servers for example, topped the Vetements, it is G-Dragon’s heart of love! But the price is not cute, one of the most common Tee to more than 2 thousand ~ Vetements G-Dragon loves to wear jeans, when the Xi’an concert through a high waisted basic models, to $1460! Replaced by RMB will be 10 thousand! It’s almost heaven! There is a very popular this year, before the short after long style, rich! Vetements itself is a relatively cool tide card, so although it is a woman can also be able to wear a very handsome and charming. Just the end of the July FM G-Dragon I wear a white shirt with Paratiisi, a vibrant Tee, a lovely small mouth Du died, about three years old, Inchon airport to Tianjin when a low-key color body, but this Paratiisi pants is not so simple. Far to see that this is your long bao ~ Beijing this field oversize Balenciaga super handsome, although women are attracted a large number of fans! And always able to grasp the essence of each piece of clothing, to wear yellow stripes inside like hemp bean show, a simple collocation looks very hard ~ Japan’s Fanclub Event wore a full-length Gucci, no exception is the flower pants female models, but rushing up the chicken]相关的主题文章: