Apologize to Baoqiang Wang! Court officials should not be mixed entertainment-jiqingwuyuetian

Apologize to Baoqiang Wang! Court officials should not be mixed entertainment? Juye county court apologized. The court official Bo inappropriate remarks to apologize, apologize for including inappropriate remarks involving entertainment stars, this year is no longer what fresh thing. This unique one, the court issued the official blog not only inappropriate remarks, more poke into the social mood of Baoqiang Wang detonated a hornet’s nest, this event has gradually subsided public opinion, which also makes the apology with a kind of crisis public relations of color. Previously, the certification of "Shandong province Juye County People’s court, the only official micro-blog" micro-blog shouts behind Ma Rong, and the accompanying text: "a statement made against Baoqiang Wang, so his mother drive the child!" Open up Baoqiang Wang, causing onlookers, more precisely, is the tide caused netizens tucao. October 31st, Shandong, Juye County Court issued a statement on the remarks made by the former micro-blog. The statement said: in October 29, 2016, China’s official micro-blog issued a speech involving a well-known actor divorce case, resulting in adverse social impact. Here, our hospital expressed sincere apology! Welcome to continue criticism." The statement also said that administrative micro-blog managers have been removed from their posts. Events become a prominent case court domestic primary sensitive enough, not enough emotional concern to the society, from the Juye county court and equally difficult to go on or retreat can be seen on the micro-blog management personnel in court is not sensitive to the social mood, for social values, and the court official blog management is obviously a serious flaw, causes the entire event as a Baoqiang Wang’s comedy, not only the rapid fermentation in the field of public opinion, also let the grass-roots court name again in completely unnecessary to appear in the entertainment edition. Why Juye county court official Bo should not speak on the Baoqiang Wang incident? Why not follow the crisis management of the court in a timely manner? On behalf of the court and the public why not "entertainment"?   from the official blog called Jay Chou to the "slogan" Baoqiang Wang, "mismanagement" how always grass-roots court official blog how to understand the Juye county court official blog of the tongue? Might as well as the incident and an earlier Gansu court official micro-blog curse Jay Chou event contrast. In July 13th, a Gansu court official micro-blog suddenly issued insult Taiwan singer Jay Chou, it is called "Japanese hybrids", "sing songs like chanting, then the court removed the post and apologize. The court statement said: "our official micro-blog appeared inappropriate remarks against the singer Mr. Jay Chou. After investigation, the Department of micro-blog micro-blog administrator in our hospital due to mismanagement, our hospital will be dealt with seriously and strengthen the management of the official micro-blog. In this regard, Mr. Jay Chou and the majority of Internet users expressed deep regret." It is not difficult to see, two events in the official Bo speech was later defined by the court as improper remarks, the local court made an apology afterwards, issued a public statement, did not take the ostrich strategy. But the two events are different. Baoqiang Wang divorce case and the right to hear the case of defamation, all belong to the Beijing Chaoyang Court, the case is still under trial, before the verdict, the Juye court official micro相关的主题文章: