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Apple released the latest Mac operating system macOS Sierra- Sohu digital apple today released a new macOS  Sierra operating system, the world’s Mac computer users are free to download. Prior to the official release, apple conducted 8 beta version of the test and multiple GM version of the update. Now, macOS  Sierra system can be downloaded directly through the Mac program store, Apple will be updated in the form of software updates. The system supports the Mac model is: the picture shows the new macOS  Sierra operating system; production in 2009 2009 after the production of iMac in 2010 2010 after the MacBook:: MacBook  Air MacBook  Pro Mac  mini Mac  Pro macOS  Sierra (version 10.12) brings many new features to the Mac computer, the system with iOS and watchOS tvOS, and that apple four operating system. The focus of this update is focused on the integration of iPhone and Apple  Watch to enhance the user experience. MacOS  Sierra brings the Mac version of the Siri, easy for users to find files through the voice, search information. Also provides new continuity features, including the use of Apple  Watch unlock Mac computers, cross device universal clipboard functions. Better iCloud integration allows the desktop and the documents folder on a Mac file can be accessed directly by the users of other devices of SkyDrive iCloud. There is also a new depth learning algorithm for the recognition of faces, objects, and scenes in a photo application to make the search image easier. By iPhone and Apple  Watch support, Apple  Pay can support web version payment.相关的主题文章: