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As a mother, there are six things must be handed over to the child! The role of Sohu maternal mother in most families, the mother plays a main role to help children solve all kinds of difficulties in life, which makes many mothers feel confused. "The book I’ve read tells me that children need to be like that." A mother told me: "it makes me feel like I’ve never done enough. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been squeezed out of a dishwasher." A mother must consider what a child really needs. For example, the following six things: six things children most in need of "" (a) to cultivate children’s communication ability is necessary to explain to the children of mothers courteous to the way of getting along with people and academic aspects rise above the common herd equally important. Those who have been trained in the emotional aspects of the child will have emotional intelligence, that is, the ability to coordinate their own needs and others, such people have more opportunities than others in life ahead. A series of surveys conducted by the Baer lab show that the engineers who are rich in achievement are not necessarily the most intelligent, but those who can communicate well with their colleagues. One of his father told about his childhood dating problems, when one of his teammates was injured, he did not know whether to call sympathy, and his mother insisted that he make a phone call. "Mom," he objected, "he may not know who I am." "He’ll know." His mother answered. The call marks the beginning of a close friendship. Later, when he recalled the incident, he said, "my mother made me understand that friendship comes from your concern for others and not to others". (two) more praise and encouragement, we all know that praise can make a miracle, too much criticism will lead to too much blame for their children, so that they are in order to succeed and take some risks. Praise also has the right way and the wrong way. Most of the parents criticized the child can count the total, while in the praise but vague language — "you are a wonderful child" this evaluation will make a moment of glory suddenly disappeared. Therefore, the table should be more specific, rather than "you are brave," rather than "I fell for you after the car is still proud of climbing." This is a clear explanation of why this behavior is worthy of praise. Secondly, because children can only absorb so much praise in the short term, so small and often give some praise. One hundred times a minute to encourage more than a time to praise for one hundred minutes. (three) tell the child what is taboo, we live in a world full of danger. In this world, children are exposed to drugs, alcohol and sex. The survey found that those who had a frank conversation with their parents were less likely to be involved in drugs and alcohol abuse. Mothers are particularly skilled at talking to children about these sensitive topics. First, make yourself aware of these phenomena, and then ask your child what they know. Six or seven year olds may see such things on tv. Point out you talk to them!相关的主题文章: