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At the end of the world band Yen-j Shanghai concert ticket next month 11 days to open the music scene platform Sina entertainment news by Live Nation sincerity build, "Zai Live |" at the scene last July Premiere of the wonderful, continue to bring high-quality products, different types of performances. This is scheduled for November 24, 25 days in Shanghai Yunfeng theatre, once again offer a new generation of Japanese rock band SEKAI NO OWARI, as well as special singing Chinese popular creative talent Yen-j their will. Two performances of the fare is 180380480680 yuan, in October 11th 10 on Tuesday morning the official ballot, please visit or call the hotline 400-610-3721 barley net panic buying. Two return "Zai Live |" at the scene, in the eleven quarter on barley net, the Japanese rock band Sekai No Owari released the first concert tickets were sold, more than a small number of votes in October 11th 10 on Tuesday morning were released. On Thursday November 24th | SEKAI NO OWARI the end of the world. The band was founded in 2007 by SEKAI NO OWARI the end of the world with the band, the band behind the cheerful music have a unique style, not only in Japan in recent years, more attention in the world music scene. The Quartet is composed of childhood friends, including the lead singer Fukase, guitarist Nakajin, pianist Saori and wearing a clown mask DJ LOVE. With become an independent school style, 2010 debut album "Earth" after the launch, they quickly grew into the Japanese music scene in the dazzling star, has published "RPG", "Dragon Night," Temptress Moon "bird" and other songs, more to the unique charm of the scene, the dream stage, capture the majority of fans. From the beginning, the band "in their own small ground operations Club Earth" for 30 people to play, they in July 2015, Japan’s largest Nissan Stadium (Nissan Stadium) with two sold out, a total of one hundred and forty thousand people mobilized. At the end of the world on the global China debut after enough to conquer Japan, representing the praises of hope and despair SEKAI NO OWARI as a new generation of Japanese new music factions, cooperation with their idol Owl City consecutive two singles, "Tokyo", "Mr. Heartache ", released in 2015, the album" Tree "," Dragon Night "is included with the world’s 100 DJ band eighth Nicky Romero together. The band is expected to release the full English album in 2017, will include more cross-border cooperation with international musicians. In 2015, the band for the movie "Attack on Titan" attack of the giant theme song "ANTI-HERO", "SOS", the whole London finished recording, with lyrics written English yuan相关的主题文章: