Austria fat TNT partner Erwin led the red line he and Taylor match very

Austria fat TNT partner Erwin led the red line: he and Taylor very well matched the two match? Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 12th, the American singer Taylor Swift just broke up here, O’neal’s partner, TNT commentator Kenny Smith started as a matchmaker, he strongly recommended the Cavaliers Erwin with him, and said the two match very much. According to the American gossip magazine "US WEEKLY" broke the news, Taylor – Swift and shake Sen broke up! It is reported that the reason for breaking up is hoping to be able to roll out a high-profile affair, with mycophenolate to participate in the Emmy Awards ceremony, and mildew refused, two people together only broke up on the declaration of three months. It is reported that Swift had been dating nearly 7 boyfriend, belongs to the typical haofangpa. About her break up, not only entertainment shock, even the basketball circle is very concerned about this. A reporter asked Smith, NBA and Swift who the most suitable, suitable words can be introduced. Smith is a face Meng force: "I do not know what NBA players understand romantic, I’m not doing this, I do not know who married players, whether it has been married." Taylor – Swift Smith quickly changed the subject, "I recommend a good representative, Kevin is also very good, New Yorkers are pulled, also have beautiful tattoos, also very love pop music, so Taylor and Erwin will be very suitable." Erwin is not fuel-efficient lights, his girlfriend last season once brought him a cuckold, finally the girlfriend was Erwin fans live Dutch act of harassment. Before Erwin and Rivers’s daughter together, it is reported that with Erwin before Rivers’s daughter had been greater than George’s stomach. (who is)相关的主题文章: