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Baby "swearing", how to do? Sohu mother and child do not know which day, the child suddenly burst into the mouth of a dirty word, parents can not help but worry, so pure and lovely little baby how to learn to say bad words? How can we remove these words from the child’s head? Due to the adverse effects of the surrounding environment, coupled with the nature of children like to imitate, so in the process of learning language, swearing is not uncommon. Facing this kind of bad behavior in children, parents can take the following methods: the first one: the cognitive behavioral therapy is a method by correcting the unreasonable activity of thought or belief to change children’s behavior. It is characterized by deep into the transformation of internal thinking. Psychologist Beck’s cognitive therapy emphasizes children’s understanding of their behavior, focusing on the direct intervention and reconstruction to change the child’s cognitive, thus changing the behavior of children. The second one: environmental isolation method you may wish to think about it: Why did the baby curse, swear? If the chase for traceability, found that he was affected by the adverse environment, then we should take the environment of isolation, keep him away from the bad environment, such as to kindergarten, with some swearing not to let him play with the other children, creating a a civilized environment for him; in addition the elder generation rearing, tell the elders, not to swear in front of the baby. The third measure: the appropriate punishment method if the baby grow up a little, for example, to five or six years old, still have this bad behavior, you can give him the proper punishment, prompted him to reflect on their behavior. The fourth trick: cold treatment method is also known as the extinction method, refers to a behavior occurs repeatedly, if this behavior is not strengthened, the incidence of such behavior will be reduced. Specific measures are when the children say dirty words, do not hit the child, and the child does not say the truth, pretending not to hear, to ignore him. Slowly, the children naturally feel disappointed not to say. Here is the need to remind parents: don’t be furious, very angry to show the way, or repeat the child’s words, such not only can not solve the problem, it will only reinforce this bad behavior. The fifth recruit: imitation therapy imitation therapy, also known as the demonstration method, is to observe the behavior of others, learn and get good behavior, reduce and eliminate bad behavior of a corrective method. By observing the behavior of others to change the behavior of the individual is very effective, the main types are: film and television imitation, imitation of the video, the method of reading the book, the scene imitation method, participation in imitation, etc.. Parents can make stories for children to experience, this is a typical method of reading. At the same time, in the story of the story to the child some good suggestions, such as when he was angry to find someone to talk to or talk to favorite toys, etc., and can not use the way to speak dirty words. In short, parents can use a variety of strategies to help children learn to imitate good behavior, and ultimately let him get rid of bad behavior. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520)相关的主题文章: